1. Man I miss poke…wish the aliens give us back the real one instead of the cheap clone we have now

  2. Those bases are beautiful! What’s your recipe?

  3. This is pretty awesome! Do you strip the model when you're doing something like this or do you just hit it with primer and start painting?

  4. I did not know of this. Any documents pertaining to it? The only plan orange I see relates to Japan

  5. It’s under American Service-Members protection act, created in 2002

  6. For those who are curious, whether or not, they will be larger than the primaris space marines that joy toy puts out….

  7. THIS is the validation I needed, not like there isn’t enough for us already…

  8. Purple gems would looks great, it’ll be a nice in between for the red robes and blue blades since it’s both of them mixed

  9. Pretty sure I got her twinblade that I will never use. If not I got another twinblade. I gotta check when I am on my PC. It won't be until later today as I am in bed. (You can just have it, I got so much crap I won't touch lol)

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