1. I fenced from 11-15, then took a break and started again at 20. I found that my technique returned quite quickly. For me, the most difficult part was building up my stamina again.

  2. I didn’t finish the HSC for very similar reasons. In my case I decided to take a year off to focus on my health, then I enrolled in some subjects through

  3. Anyone who might be able to compare this to the new vitasoy soy yoghurts? I'll post back if I get a chance to do that anytime soon as well :)

  4. The vitasoy ones were way better in my opinion. I thought the Chobani ones had a really weird texture.

  5. I lost quite a bit of weight when I first started taking Lamotrigine. It also made me really nauseous which meant I had no appetite.

  6. You're definitely not alone. I'm pretty sure memory distortion is quite common. A lot of people I know with PTSD, myself included, misremember things for one reason or another, some due to drug use, some due to other factors. I have this problem where I'll distort facts and tell people slightly different things so that they won't be able to work out who was involved. I end up confusing myself in the process which leads me to worry, like you, that I've lied unintentionally.

  7. It's terrifying how similar (almost identical) this is to something I experienced about a year ago. Ironically the 'friend' of mine also had PTSD.

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