1. I remember flying solo at 12 from Tampa to Traverse City and changing planes in Detroit. Did that several times thru high school.

  2. I flew many times as a pretty young kid, from about 6 to 12, from Mississippi to Minnesota and back. Yay, divorce! It was always both anxiety-provoking and fun. I’d have people to walk me to the next gate when I had to change planes and I got a ton of plastic pilot wings. This was in the 70s and apparently not too common. I never had a single issue of lost luggage or any other travel issue. It was overall a good experience.

  3. I’ve had cakes with and without the colors from Antione’s over the years.

  4. The babies inside? Or the actual cake? Because I’m talking about the babies—I’ve never seen one with details colored like that.

  5. If memory serves I think they’re often colored when they’re applied to the top of the cake instead of baking them inside to avoid choking lawsuits.

  6. Ahhh that makes so much sense. Haven’t seen that, but around here your main choice is Paul’s out of Picayune, which hadn’t been doing that the last time I had any. I haven’t worked in an office for quite a few years so I haven’t been caught up in king cake madness in a minute.

  7. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  8. It’s actually not an attraction thing. I don’t find it attractive. It’s just something I really don’t like seeing. It makes me feel very awkward. I’d feel equally uncomfortable if a man was to wear ultra tight clothing around my house.

  9. You don’t think eventually it will become old hat? Just “there’s Mary Lou. I wonder if the kids need lunch” or what have you. People get over their initial freak out at nudist colonies, even. It’s literally just bodies—the thing our minds drive around and let us survive another day. Bodies needn’t be sexualized in all contexts.

  10. Could maybe be rice moth? They lay their eggs in anything that has a lot of carbohydrates. Their larvae leave behind tiny dusty crumbs that look just like this. I know because I had a LOT of them invading my cupboards. I have everything in glass containers now.

  11. I had pantry moths (from cat food, funnily enough) and it took a concerted effort and several months to get rid of them completely. They were in a closed bin and when I took the top off it was a giant cloud of moths that infested each room in turn. Moth traps, dumping lots of food and getting everything into good containers finally brought it to an end. I was happy they are just irritating and gross and don’t bite or something

  12. For being able to survive a cancer because you don't need to wait for a matching blade or lung transplant? what's dystopian of that?

  13. The fact that here only the Uber rich will be able to afford it when it’s here is dystopian to this American.

  14. This is excellent advice! Will for sure be doing this now.

  15. Warning from personal experience: make sure you can store those quantities in pest-proof containers. I ended up with an absolutely biblical swarm of pantry moths from a store of dry cat food. It could have been much worse; at least pantry moths don’t bite. But it took me months, buying a lot of new dry good containers, and throwing away a lot of all sorts of food to roust them completely.

  16. Jesus, Mary & Joseph…. So what storage containers would you recommend. 🥺

  17. If you can freeze the bags a couple days, that will kill the ones hitchhiking. I had a problem—no place to store BIG bags of cat food. I also had a problem of bunch of plastic coolers hanging around taking up space. So I combined my two problems and put the catfood in the coolers. They are pretty much bug proof due to the seals and also don’t really let the delicious smell of pet food out as far as I can tell, so maybe not attractive to rodents either. Though I wouldn’t put it past a rat to be able to chew through an Igloo. This has worked well for me but I had gathered a ridiculous amount of all sizes of coolers over the years. I think any bin with a snug cover will work, especially if you can freeze the kibble first.

  18. Walker has no backing anymore since Senate control is out of the equation.

  19. Tonight he showed up to some interview with not just one (like he has had), but two republican keepers, Lindsey and Ted. It doesn’t seem they’ve dropped him like a big dumb hot potato as we suspected they would.

  20. labels on plants are wrong all the time! which is even less helpful than when they’re marked as “tropical houseplant” or “assorted foliage”

  21. “Beautiful home decor.” That one didn’t even admit it was a plant.

  22. Bigwig, General Woundwort, Fiver, Hazel. Watership Down may not fit everyone’s idea of fantasy, granted

  23. Thank you. We already have three dogs and I don't want to take them to the shelter.

  24. Facebook is much more likely to get them back home, I think. There’s a lot of people who will share any lost or found animal and many, many more eyeballs will see a post over there. Its what Hattiesburg Facebook does best, in my opinion

  25. If you give me the link, I’ll share it, too. I have many dog people in my friends list

  26. I guess I don’t quite understand why there isn’t toothpaste, etc. around for current use. If I’m out of my regular stock, that is a perfect time to use my preps which I stock again at next scheduled store run. This seems to be working as intended for me, with two caveats—TELL me if you’ve grabbed something so it can be replaced, and for pity’s sake, don’t leave the wrappers laying there where the consumable should be. That’s just silly.

  27. One summer I had a particularly rambunctious and huge crew and I witnessed something amazing and unfortunate. Two of them tied into it and fought each other to the ground. Sometimes this happens and continues with stabbing, even to the death. I have no idea if that was about to happen, however, because a neighborhood cat came out of nowhere and grabbed one of them and took off. I felt badly about it, but it’s like don’t start none, there won’t be none, you know. Had they eaten in peace—and there is plenty!—no one need die that day. Meanwhile that cat probably tells the story like he accomplished some great feat, rather than catching one all distracted completely by luck.

  28. They are exceptionally territorial about food and fight a lot.

  29. And they will sometimes fight to the death, as well. Nature is red in tiny tooth and claw.

  30. Skip. I can’t stand them being so upset with one another—this is a deeper hurt than the estrangement of Frazier and Martin, in my opinion. And there’s no true resolution. I’m watching for a salve for my soul and this is too real.

  31. These people have no sense of scale. About a million people died of covid in the past two years, and I personally knew two of them. 5 million executed? Everyone would be missing people from their circle.

  32. Innumeracy truly is a problem—more of a problem than illiteracy has ever been, in my opinion. People don’t have a sense of scale. We aren’t good at risk assessment, pulling meaning out of statistics, understanding things like climate change, or even grokking that the world isn’t flat, for crying out loud. It’s a big part of many of the serious issues we are facing.

  33. God I am so reminded of Chris Pratt's asshole character in Wanted...

  34. I’m reminded of the security guard in Better Off Ted. Deep cut, I know. But if folks haven’t seen that amazing show with the incredibly stupid name, I recommend it.

  35. Everyone should watch Better Off Ted. Plus, there's only 2 seasons, so it's not like a huge time commitment. Unfortunately cancelled because it was one of those ABC shows that got stuck in Lost's shadow, and didn't "perform" in the ratings like ABC was used to with Lost.

  36. They wanted a smart sitcom to pull in Lost numbers without bothering to even tell anyone about the show? To quote Linda, “That’s rich!” I didn’t hear about it until it had long been cancelled. I think it’s the show I’m mad about most.

  37. Yeah. The commentators that are like “that’s not a money tree”; obviously don’t realize that there are more than one flora dubbed the money plant/tree. Gave you an award for calling it out!

  38. I’ve seen entire bug subreddits talk past each other, get confused, and finally angry over “granddaddy longlegs” discussions. There are at least three contenders for what that might mean to you in the US. People are serious about what something is called in their part of the world, or even specifically in their families.

  39. It’s been since May 2021 for me, and I’ve probably cried less since that time than in any other similar length of time in my life. Before this happened, I was one of those people with absolutely zero ability to separate my emotional state from how I appeared on the outside, zero ability to compartmentalize my feelings when it would be better to. Heart on my sleeve. The moment I knew for sure that he’d died in the car wreck, I instantly gained the ability to compartmentalize incredibly well. I wouldn’t have made it otherwise. I’m dealing with my mom with dementia and stuff is just really, really hard, as I imagine being a parent in these circumstances is.

  40. Unlike what seems like everyone else, I’ve never felt my husband in any way. He was just immediately so very absent. He was so gone, he took part of me with him, and I feel like I’m the ghost in our home. I don’t know why it’s this way, but I feel a bit cheated.

  41. Because they have enough staff for everything to be working right. How many times have you been to a BK with 2 windows in drive thru but one is basically boarded up despite having a register there and a line around the building. Then you realize that they've only got 2 people running the whole store. It's basically a food truck with a lobby and a walk in attached at this point.

  42. I went into an Arby’s where there seemed to be only one person on premises, and he ducked out of sight and hid until I gave up and left. And this was before Covid.

  43. The night I slipped on ice and broke my arm. We were out with friends and they had to persuade him to go to the hospital with me. He just sat beside me texting the whole time we were waiting for the doctor. I saw one text he’d sent one of our friends who was asking if I was ok that said “she’s fine, she just fell like a twat”.

  44. I should have known I was with a sociopath when I was writhing and muffling screams at urgent care with a kidney stone and my significant other casually read a 6 month old magazine. My later husband would have been BESIDE himself under those circumstances.

  45. That is all good advice. However, I know myself. Never at any point in my life have I looked cool and collected. And direction is a hard one for me. Really the only place I’m completely sure of my location and what direction I’m facing is in my home town. Even when in Oxford, MS, where Ole Miss is, I’m mostly lost. Our son was there for almost five years and I still only know my way around to a few locations.

  46. Hi, neighbor. I’m in Hattiesburg. The closest I ever came to being in a legitimate stampede was going to New Years in Jackson Square in New Orleans. Huge, huge mistake. It was so crowded that I immediately was dragged from my crew who were all holding hands to not get separated. I was taken with the crowd for quite a distance without my feet touching the ground and I was having trouble expanding my chest to get air. It was absolutely terrifying, and if a shot had been fired or something else got the crowd upset, people absolutely would have died. I felt close to being crushed and too many people were just there and happy. There would have been absolutely nothing I could have done if I had even fallen to the ground somehow. Never, ever again.

  47. Well that sounds absolutely terrible. I would never want to go to an event like that. I would honestly panic in a situation like that. But think about if we didn’t have cell phones or if you lost it. It would definitely be a good idea to have a plan to meet someplace in case you got separated.

  48. We were young and dumb with no plan and this was before cells were anything more than a nerd’s dream. Luckily, once I got to the edge of the crowd somehow, there was no problem moving around and I just waited until the crowd spit them out, too. It was easily one of the more frightening things I’ve lived through.

  49. I think that person means dropping the “I’m ugly” bit will help the OP

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