1. I'm driving it back home ๐Ÿ™‚. I got it with an odometer of 5 miles.

  2. Not a bad deal, probably one of the best deals you can get these days

  3. Yup. Plus, it cams with those triple flashing brake light thingies for free. Sticker (2022 price, not 2023 price) plus $149 doc fee

  4. Damn. Is that Magnetic Grey Metallic? I wasn't psyched about my color (I took what was available) but now I kinda am! '23 Hybrid Limited with all options, picking up in 2 days.

  5. Waiting 3 weeks for a Rav these days is like waiting 3 weeks for your IRS refund. It's technically possible but highly unlikely. Congrats, though! Mine took 7 weeks (picking it up in a little over a week).

  6. Looks like some form of aftermarket warranty, not Toyota's. They may have some weird stipulations.

  7. A newborn, so sad ๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ At least you should be able to recoup most of the value because of how new it was and how few miles it had.

  8. I think a lot of people are confused regarding hollow points and NJโ€™s laws.

  9. I'm aware that hollow points are legal for home defense and at a range in New Jersey.

  10. Are you in California by chance? I've been searching for dealers that don't charge over MSRP

  11. I'm in NY but the dealer is in Nebraska. Check out for dealers that don't charge over MSRP.

  12. Which screen is 12.5 inch? I looked at the packages and the 12.5 screen is digital speedometer screen. But the only option is the 10.5 inch for the infotainment screen. I canโ€™t find where it states that the 12.5 inch screen is the infotainment screen.

  13. You're correct. Largest infotainment for this year is 10.5" and largest gauge cluster for this year is 12.3".

  14. I bought a Prius in 2014 at 1.9% via Toyota Financial. Fairly easy website to navigate, no complaints from me. I will try and qualify for the 3.49% when my car comes in, hopefully one day next week.

  15. I had an event in the DC area a couple months ago and nearly all of the rental cars that were being utilized for the event were RAV4s! It's a shame I couldn't get time to check out one of them without any sales pressure... granted they were all gas but it still would have given me a good idea.

  16. I've never driven a gas version but I do hear that it is completely different than Hybrid.

  17. It is one of the most popular cars in the market.

  18. Seems to be even more popular now that I almost have one ๐Ÿคจ

  19. The color is beautiful! I went to the dealership with the intention of buying the white one but saw this one next to it and chose dark gray ๐Ÿ™Œ

  20. Glad to know, I definitely never considered this color at all but when a 2023 Hybrid Limited with tech and weather is available at MSRP, you don't ask questions, you act immediately

  21. Bought this stormtrooper today! 2020 hybrid style plus 2wd with a lot of extra's. Test drive was a dream. Delivery somewhere this month. Looking forward to be part of this community. Already some small stuff in mind I want to change over the coming months.

  22. Of you test drove it, why is delivery later on? You weren't able to drive it off the lot?

  23. It had to be inspected for road legality. Compulsory test each year. Also, we're trading in another car which needed to be tested too. Otherwise we could've driven it home. So close, but just a few weeks patience!

  24. We used Sherpa Transport back in April, shipped from eastern NY to northeastern WI. Out of the whole process, the shipping part via Sherpa was the easiest, least stressful and took the least effort on my part. It was so refreshing after all of the ups and downs with everything before that, wish the bank and dealership were as painless. Everyone at Sherpa was very friendly and super helpful and would highly recommend.

  25. The one thing that confused me was they only sent one key fob and an IOU for the second one. The one thing I find cool about it is that 2 weeks ago it didnโ€™t even exist. It was built on 03Nov22.

  26. Nice, my build date is next Monday in Kentucky so hopefully, it comes in soon!

  27. I got one as an Uber in Chicago recently. It was the first time Iโ€™d ridden in the back seat on a RAV4. It was very comfortable.

  28. Yes, I was gonna say! Not the most comfortable ride ever but right up there, for sure!

  29. Update: My Uber to the airport is a 2019 XSE Hybrid and I kinda wanna cancel my flight and just ride around in it all day ๐Ÿคจ

  30. Hybrids don't come with HUDs, only Primes do.

  31. This is the way. ๐Ÿ‘Š I don't want to speak for everyone, and I know that often times going outside your search radius is less feasible, but I am surprised sometimes to hear about the months++ wait times people have to get a Rav. There is a lot of inventory out there if you are looking for it.

  32. Yup, you gotta hustle but you can find one that's available (or a confirmed build that is not yet reserved) at a normal price.

  33. Hi! Sorry to jump in on this conversation, but I looked up the VIN of the vehicle I reserved and itโ€™s telling me to submit a valid VIN.. any clue as to what this may mean?

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