Gamethread for Seahawks vs 49ers?

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  1. It’s like watching when you go to one of those mini amusement parks and race the go karts with your buddies and are just wrecking each other.

  2. “Inside Larson for 2nd.” Shows Harvick and Elliot. NASCAR on Fox is back.

  3. How are we supposed to go about getting multi flairs? I remember seeing in the past how to do it on the wiki, but I’m not seeing it now. I know I need to message someone, but don’t remember.

  4. Start as LB coach, then DC, then HC. Result=success

  5. I spent 10 minutes Saturday night deciding if I wanted to rewatch Vikings, but remembered the last 2 times I rewatched the show I stopped at Ragnar death. I love Bjorn and Ubba, but it’s not enough, the writing just went downhill.

  6. Go whichever team has a better chance at beating the Eagles!

  7. So Rodgers becomes a Jet and Love has a Hall of Fame career in Green Bay?

  8. Don’t forget, A-Rod still has to come back to the NFC North for a rival team.

  9. Can someone explain to me, a dumb Californian, why the snow doesn’t seem to accumulate as much around the painted lines/numbers on the field?

  10. Ground crew keep going out and clearing those parts of the field.

  11. Next thing you’re gonna tell me is that there are shirts donated to 3rd world countries with the losing Super Bowl team declared champions on them.

  12. Well, gonna lose that first anyway, aren’t we?

  13. Remember kids, it’s okay to hate someone for where they’re born if it fits your agenda

  14. That’s why I don’t like people from Ohio.

  15. Take ‘em Broncos, for the love of god, take him.

  16. I hope like hell since we’re division rivals the Saints demand multiple 1st rd picks and tells Tepper to fuck himself.

  17. Keep ridin' with the Red Rifle.

  18. These guys went to the Riverboat Ron school of clock management and timeout usage.

  19. Ngl, I hope Sam goes somewhere and makes it work. He looks like he has the tangibles, just needs that right coach to harness those positives.

  20. He needs to make a comeback as the DC or at the very least LB coach and work his way up.

  21. 49ers for CMAC and now the Bengals after all the fuckery yesterday.

  22. I don’t think the defense even traveled with the team to Carolina.

  23. 2023 draft needs. Qb, cb, edge, wr, new fans

  24. Run offense is fucking bipolar. Shit the bed against the Steelers, wreck the Lions, and nothing against TB so far.

  25. He’s passing the horseshoe of bullshit to GEQBUS.

  26. I don’t think by the rules we can. I think the alt helmets games have to be predetermined before the season. At least that’s what I understand.

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