1. I've given this advice to a few people who struggle with Bach and it seems to help.

  2. Playing any instrument is an exercise in relaxation. I feel like this is especially true with the guitar. I have been playing string instruments, including the guitar, for years and I still have to be mindful to not death grip the neck, especially with complex chords. Practice breathing and relaxing as you play, it doesn't require nearly as much force as a beginner likely thinks it does.

  3. Honestly, the Ti83 still being the base standard is amazing considering I still have mine from nearly 20 years ago. Name one other thing that you can keep for 20 years and it’s still the same base standard as it was before? Sure, the 89 does more, but even that one has been around for 10-15 years, and is only needed for the most extreme cases.

  4. The Ti83 and Ti-89 are even older than you are estimating. I got my Ti-89 in 2000, it was released in 1998. I never had a Ti-83, I did pre-calc work on a Ti-82 and then upgraded to a Ti-85 (since discontinued) around 1997. The Ti-83 was released in 1996.

  5. Damn, I thought the 89 came out while I was in high school. I only said 20 years since I got my 83. Got an 89 for calc my senior year.

  6. I started on the electric bass in 9th grade and have a degree in Jazz performance on the instrument. I play neither the bass nor jazz these days.

  7. I suspect you are referencing two different recordings of a piece written in 1913.

  8. I'll add one more tally to the Cordoba C5/C7 recommendations. They are impressive instruments for the money.

  9. Bartok's string quartet number is pretty bangin'.

  10. Bach. Which piece? Roughly all of them. That isn't helpful though.

  11. Practice. I know that sounds snarky, I do not intend it to be, but ultimately the brain does learn how. I came from a steel string background and I do not diminish the challenge of the transition, but with very deliberate practice it does become natural.

  12. Yeah, was honestly thinking the same. But I have no idea where to start other than watching some YouTube videos.

  13. I can read sheets slowly, not fast enough though to play simultaneously. I learnt piano mostly by ear. I know my major/minor chords & scales.

  14. I don't play the piano. I can play chords on the instrument, but for me it is more of a tool than a hobby. So I don't feel like I can give you much guidance on where to get started specific to the piano.

  15. Wait…what then about the D; Why not just play that open? I cannot find any D that could be played with the first finger.

  16. The second bar beat 1 has a d that is two d's above middle c. It is played with the pinky. The second beat of the same measure has another d that is the open d string.

  17. The numbers next to the notes are your left hand fingers.

  18. Yes. Any amount of alcohol I consume will do this to me. It is the principle reason I quite, frankly.

  19. Yes. I have done this everyday for about ten years. I started by crawling under my desk at work. I work in tech and I have never run across any peer or manager that cares.

  20. For me, I would take it one step further. I don't even like being drunk. I like feeling my state change. I binge drink to feel the state change, but if I could snap my fingers after a few hours and sober up I would. I don't like being stupid and sleepy, but I like feeling myself become stupid and sleepy. How does that make any sense?

  21. No, it's not in any context. Just what do you do when you are on your own.

  22. I don't really play the piano, but I studied Jazz bass in College. At the time the piano players and guitar players were instructed to let the bass player handle the root notes while you focus on voice leading your chord changes in a way that is pleasing. Implicit within that is that you are obligated to play the root notes as written if you are just accompanying yourself or if you have no bass player.

  23. unfortunately no. can read tabs and play by ear, that's about it. you?

  24. I come to the guitar through a long back ground of other instruments. I read both bass clef and treble clef very well. I read k clefs considerably less well.

  25. damn dude, you're in it much deeper than I am! I totally agree, reading music has always been something Ive wanted to learn, just haven't done it yet. started learning some to play piano but life got in the way and lost my momentum.

  26. I am not sure I agree that there exists such a thing as good drunk sleep.

  27. Modern pop concerts are circus acts with music provided by a famous personality. I frankly think they would be highly entertained and a bit overwhelmed with aww.

  28. When I was in music school a Professor I respected a lot said something that really stuck with me. He was the technology teacher and was involved with recording every single concert the music school hosted, so he had to listen to a lot of music that may not have been his personal preference.

  29. I have many reasons to assert sobriety is a better way to live than drinking, but I will hold up sleep quality as the number 1 reason to anyone who asks me why I don't drink anymore.

  30. I'm sorry you are feeling this way. Not everybody gets a pink cloud immediately after stopping. Perhaps, it might be better to ask a different question. Instead of asking "where is my pink cloud?", ask "what color would my cloud be if I were drinking?"

  31. I've read it many times. Motorcycle maintenance is just the author's metaphor for discussing some classic problems in philosophy.

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