1. I don't see vertical or curve at all so I am going to go for flamboyant gamine. I think FG because she has some yang and yin but it isn't very blended. Her legs appear short but her arms are long. Her face has some yang width and sharpness with yin lips. Her arms have yang flesh but her legs have yin flesh.

  2. It's hard to tell gamine without seeing how long your arms and legs are to one another and the rest of your body. I don't really see width. My gut says Romantic of some sort or maybe Soft Classic but the arm/leg length would be the determination I think.

  3. Thank you so much for your comment, I’ve had another person suggest romantic too because they can see a double curve.

  4. Short legs could definitely be romantic. It's a great place to start :)

  5. My boss (who wasn't my boss at the time, just a friend) asked me to paint up some promos for his 3rd party ork model business. He ended up sending me about 1k points and I liked painting them. So I kept going. My entire Ork army is Gear Guts Mek Shop exclusively.

  6. I literally just bought the dakka wagon J and was sold by the giant mecha squig maw. It fits perfectly with my army's squig theme

  7. I absolutely love that model. I would love to write some narrative terrain rules for it

  8. I am having this problem with some Horus Heresy books too and one of the authors told me that some of the less known titles are done in smaller print runs making them more rare and hard to get hence second hand prices like this.

  9. Once you pointed out her arms I had to look back because I did not notice that before! Same for the sharp bones on both women!

  10. It’s things like that which make people so unique and it’s really cool once you get to notice that!

  11. We all have insecurities but there are things about us that others really love. The trick is seeing it in ourselves too. I think Kibbe helps me see it in myself because I could always see it in others.

  12. competitively i believe beastsnagga goffs are currently the best archetype. they have a ton of squighog riders to get in fast, killrigs to deal mortal wounds and transport boyz, and then other units (usually a mix of kommandos and meganobz) to hit hard, flood the board, and perform actions along with grots.

  13. Stomp em good seems very situational. I am not sure which matchups would be good enough to allow ork units to survive well enough to get more kills.

  14. it is, and something i don't take too often. I might take it more often than you as I play goffs so nearly everything in my list hits hard in the fight phase. It is a secondary that really depends on the matchup. against tau, for example, they just aren't going to kill things in melee it can be good as long as you tie up their shooting.

  15. Ah good call! No one in my local plays Tau so I always forget about them.

  16. DC. She looks amazing in the contrasting buttons suit and the fun geometric pattern dress. Less so in the dainty floral dress.

  17. DC. She looks amazing in the contrasting buttons suit and the fun geometric pattern dress. Less so in the dainty floral dress.

  18. Adding a fun print can dress it down. A fun jacket (like moto leather) can dress it down. Fun coloured tights might work.

  19. I think it's an awesome first mini. It just needs some sort of base and a nice painted base rim.

  20. That’s the plan I’ve got my box of sands stones and foliage ready

  21. It is amazing and is my favorite purchases so far ;)

  22. Are you part of the patreon? Or do you order through the store?

  23. I order through the store. I don't own a 3d printer

  24. Well if you order again outside a sale use my code for a small discount: WARMISTRESS

  25. huh, interesting, thank you. I definitely look lousy as hell in boxy oversized structured jackets. I'm too curvy for them. I'm starting to think SD clothing fits me better; I just have added broad-ass shoulders in the mix, but that's fine lol

  26. I have broad everything but it's just not what needs to be accommodated first. Broad shoulders are beautiful btw.

  27. thank you!!! and yep, same i guess - curves accommodation first. broad shoulders are just along for the ride, they don't usually cause many disruptions (except that boxy unisex tshirts look absolutely HORRENDOUS)

  28. I know right? It hurts me because I am a metalhead and I want to wear my band shirts 😭

  29. I also want to add that disrupting the silhouette isn't a bad thing (????) like some types need one continuous line, others don't/don't have that. And that's...fine? As an SG I'm fine with having broken lines lmao, I'm not heartbroken over having a "disrupted silhouette"

  30. I honestly would prefer to be gamine. I think the disrupted silhouette is so beautiful.

  31. Where did you get the barrels for them?

  32. Haha I mean aside from the fact these are phenomenally executed The one on their side are hecking hilaaaarious I love them 😂😂😂

  33. Hi all! I'm new to Kibbe and quite confused about what type I am. I'm fairly sure I'm Gamine or Romantic but I have no idea which subtype of either. I am 5'3" and 27 years old now.

  34. I feel like the red romper is a fairly romantic outfit and it doesn't look as good as the gamine styled black shorts/tights/white top look. That look is very harmonious on you in my opinion so I would say Soft Gamine.

  35. My first impression is that colour blocking and a tight fit don't seem to look put together and look a bit uncomfortable. The outfit that I like most is the second. You do seem to have an openness in your chest that can handle those big silhouettes. I actually think it looks elegant on you.

  36. It’s so interesting to me that you say that because I thought almost the exact opposite- the 3rd and last were my faves and now I’m wondering if it’s just a generational think affecting my view point

  37. Okay but OP specifically asked WHY things work and don't in your opinion. And I am also curious now too.

  38. I’m DC and I love big details and loud colors so I’m not sure why it makes you sad to be DC! In fact, I think the description in Metamorphosis encourages this degree of self-expression:

  39. I actually love leggings not in an athleisure look, so the blazer and the faux fur looks are my favourite.

  40. I see what you mean. I don’t think the guidelines are as rigid as you might think. For example, when I saw DK I walked out with a lavender suit like

  41. I'm a spring so I think I look best (and feel best) in bright warm colours. But I also love patterns so I really want to make them work for DC (if that is what I am)

  42. Just wanted to hide my face and it would be hard to place the phone that much lower, also it'd be in the middle of the picture

  43. I understand. It's just how lenses work. There is always distortion. Putting the lens in the center mass of the subject reduces the distortion (but never eliminates it). Photos from above make you look shorter. Photos from below make you look taller.

  44. Mh I don't have vertical I'm just wide and stocky. I think it's just that the proportions are off

  45. It would be easier to see if the photo was taken about a foot closer to the ground. Your arms definitely don't look stocky though, they look long and elegant.

  46. If you have width, the width-accommodation "takes care" of the curve accommodation. So you would just dress for vertical + width, which points to FN.

  47. This guy assumes every man is like him. My husband wants children less than I do.

  48. Please please please advocate for yourself. If you can't, bring friends or family.

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