1. If you're referring to NJ folding is legal the way the sub-2000 does it (I think that's because folding renders it inoperable but not sure). If you mean this sub just doesn't like them then idk.

  2. Individuals can be liable despite LLC protection. Depending on the facts, the individual who acts at a company and/or the LLC owner can be liable. Think of it this way: it's no different than if you as a person kept creating LLC after LLC for your taxi business every time you hired a negligent driver and got sued for killing someone. Once you have the ultimate AI responsible, then you go after the owner or creator of the AI. I don't know the specifics about AI liability, but an AI isn't a person. It would take a lot to convince me that there isn't a person somewhere liable for anything an AI does if you follow all the threads. Or maybe they can just shut the AI down. Or both. It'll really depend on the facts of the face, LLC structure, level and origin of the AI's autonomy, etc.

  3. So a DAO LLC is special in that the shareholders can control the company directly. The stocks are essentially voting rights. For situations that require funding, there are computer programs that are set to handle the Treasury based on voting by stock account holders. You do not need to be a human to hold an account.

  4. Like I said, LLCs can pass along liability to people as either owners or the ones making decisions (like employees, managers, or officers). Either the human owners are liable like the human owner of any LLC often is, or if an AI truly can be an owner than the AI's owner is liable for it' liability. I don't see this as different than any other DAO. I assume with DAOs the owners can be liable for the decision making as well, wherever it would be a manager at fault in a normal corporation. In which case the same analysis.

  5. Yes, the sensitive places section of the law has a specific exemption for carrying while on a public right of way past a sensitive place. I don't have it in front of me so I can't give you details, but you should find a copy of the full text and save it for future reference. Like I keep forgetting to do.

  6. HELOC is "backed" by your existing home/property, as I understand it. Mortgage is backed by the plot of land you are buying.

  7. Based on the rates I'm going to guess it's a HELOC or mortgage based on the current property. The OP isn't clear but I don't think rates like that are typically available for mortgages on unimproved land, especially non-construction loans on non-buildable land (which I'm getting from another comment not the OP itself).

  8. Highway funding is from the feds to the states, who dont have the same protections from govt authority as people do. This is a job from a private company to an individual (who has explicit 1st amendment rights that allow them to protest via a boycot if they so wish).

  9. I’m not a knife guy but I collect all sorts of cheap, shitty trinkets related to my interest so I kinda get it

  10. This right here. There are tons of things people like to play with or collection that I just don't get and think is nuts . . . but I also get they're fundamentally no different than the things I like to play with and collect that other people probably don't understand.

  11. These "Youtubers" are hilarious... Even if the plain-language of the form were to imply something like what they claim, the truth is that if you go and manufacture a stupidly-dangerous weapon, the Feds will find something to charge you with.

  12. It's a little misleading to refer to this as just "filling out a form." It is getting a federal license to do things that are otherwise illegal, which, yes, does involve a form as well as background checks, and rules about who is allowed to do it and why and how, and significant rules you have to follow (and keep records of) while doing all the registered stuff. I'll admit it's not a super hard license to get and I assume it doesn't cover things like smart drone bombs or whatever, but it is a more meaningful step then just putting some ink on paper, legally.

  13. There is a absolutely a difference between Jewish humor and antisemitic humor. However, there is also a difference between a light hearted, self-deprecating joke about us by one of us and the same joke told my someone else. Chappel famously quit his show mid-season because he realized white people were laughing about his jokes about black stereotypes in a mean way instead of for the reasons he thought they should be funny. It's not exactly the same, but it's a good example of how important context and intent can be when certain subjects come up.

  14. Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better but the frog dies in the process.

  15. One of my favorite anti-jokes is to start with "how is a joke like a frog - they both die when you dissect them" and then proceed to explain the logic behind that a ogy in the dryest, most textbook way possible.

  16. Because certain states passed laws saying that making pornography doesn't violate the prostitution laws. Otherwise it technically is illegal. The supreme court said that obscenity laws against selling pornography are unconstitutional. The actual mechanics of paying people/actors for sex/porn are the same as they ever were. Technically. States tend to draw a distinction anyway as long as you're clearly producing commercial videos instead of paying for personal gratification, but legally it's still a crime unless you're in one of the states that legalized paying people for sex for porn. Or if you make care to not violate the law in other ways, like only selling your own porn instead of paying someone to do it.

  17. Look up the trick to selling the shares in the same year as the death. It's a little complex but can get you effectively the same benefit if you do it correctly by taking advantage of how basis works when S-corps sell property.

  18. Ask to see an example of a client invoice from the person who feedbacked you. Show your trying to learn while also actually learning what the person reviewing you wants things to look like (which is more important to you than what the client wants).

  19. There can be if you negotiate it into the contract, but typically not in the states I'm familiar with. At that point it's more a question of what the consequences are. They could sue you to force the sale, but people typically would rather move on and buy somewhere else. They might sue you for whatever costs you caused them even if they do that.

  20. If you used spackle, don't worry just don't eat it. Licking is probably fine.

  21. Right. If you used some other chemical then it depends on the chemical. If you used the proper stuff and just made it ugly then it's fine just ugly. And all you need to do is sand it down and then paint over it.

  22. It obviously does, and this is obviously a Jewish sub, but try to focus on your phrasing. He's trying to get rid of all (a ton of) minority group organizations in one big push and we're one of them. It's dangerous for all of us. I'm not trying to knock you I just think it's easy to come across wrong when someone is awful to all minority groups and the response is "it's dangerous precedent to treat one of those groups like this," even though you probably didn't mean it that way.

  23. This isn't really newsworthy. Many judges are doing virtual hearings these days, especially NJ state judges, so any NJ lawyer will be used to thinking this isn't a big deal (even though it is much less common in federal court). It's not weird for a lawyer to ask for a virtual hearing, especially if they have other commitments and travel will be particularly inconvenient. It's also not really notable for a judge to rule either way on it.

  24. I don't think that's true. This is just bad optics because it looks like that to non-lawyers. We're in courts and meetings all over the place all the time (depending on what kind of law you're in), traveling and scheduling them to not interfere is a whole thing, and virtual hearing are becoming more and more commonplace. Asking the court to do it that way doesn't mean anything. It's no different than asking the court to adjourn something or for a new briefing schedule. The court answers whatever they answer and you do that. Having a preference doesn't mean you're unwilling. It just becomes a problem in politicized cases where every little thing is scrutinized without context.

  25. This is so spot on but i also use FSS Armory so much cuz they treat me right and have helped me for so many yrs

  26. Iirc, their in-state/out-of-state locations used to allow them to sell without NJ tax or transfer fees, because you purchased it from out of state but took possession in state. Usually you have to pick one or the other for handguns. They can't/don't do that anymore because tax rules are more strict.

  27. Everything is pointless until its absence causes a shitstorm, hahaha.

  28. This. There is literally no downside to defining terms for clarity. Everything else is just non-functional preference.

  29. Underlining is fine. All words you use a shorter version of should be formally defined. Requests is correct but arguably request isn't wrong (your single document is making a request for multiple admissions). I've never once used "comes now" so I'll give you that one. Also you do you.

  30. Why? OP will pay for the repairs form the security deposit. They should also not be paying for the extra week. If they already paid for the full month's rent then the landlord already has a week's worth of rent of OP's money in addition to the SD.

  31. Because most people on here are very helpful. At least I’m not requesting a game on how to simulate being a landlord. Good luck with that.

  32. They're not wrong about #3. Unless you have a luxury rental, you probably won't ever actually collect the money. And be aware that in NJ it's automatically reciprocal. As in if they sue you for something and win they also get attorneys' fees even if it's not in the contract.

  33. True. The exception must be you can’t leave with handgun ammo? But it seems weird for nj to have a loophole like that in their anti gun laws.

  34. I know for a fact there's an exception for giving someone a handgun to use in that situation. I don't remember noticing a similar exception for ammo but I'm pretty sure it's in there somewhere. Just a line about how "this provision doesn't apply to situations covered by NJSA whatever," which is the provision about using a rental/your friend's gun at the range.

  35. Because people think liking guns should mean something about how we view immigration, climate control, abortion, voting rights, civil liberties, and so on. Yes, it's a stupid annoying opinion. Unfortunately it's not going anywhere. Just like gun owner who don't understand socialism, communism, or capitalism. Point to a communist/socialist country that's anti-gun and that means those ideologies are anti-gun. Point to a capitalist country that's anti-gun and it means they're basically just communist . . . for being anti-gun . . . because they've decided that's what the definition of communism is? Idk. It's fucking stupid.

  36. Its stupid, they need to just rework the way they charge people for crimes involving guns make it obscenely harsh

  37. I don't think this is it. We do need to do this, obviously, but the most newsworthy shootings are people who are completely disassociated from thoughts of consequences. It's a mental health and extremism issue. I firmly believe if we had the same country we have now but with fewer guns then we'd just see more ad-hod domestic stand-alone terrorists using cars and homemade bombs.

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