Man killed by police after calling 911 because his car wasn’t working

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  1. New to digital art?! I wouldn’t have guessed!!! I love Katara’s and the last one in particular

  2. I drive across the Mississippi River daily and it is extremely low right now between Tennessee and Arkansas.

  3. Thank you! I can't take credit for the pose, but I did figure out the hair.

  4. What was your process for getting this done? What brushes did you use?

  5. I used a combination of the studio pen, wet acrylic brush, and fill color. I added layers for each of the characters and the original painting, traced each character, then started filling in objects around them. Outside of the characters, everything is free hand.

  6. From the left in my picture: Momo (Avatar the Last Airbender) Pikachu (Pokemon) Stitch (Lilo and Stitch) Toothless (How to Train your Dragon )

  7. I thought bam was a Nevada company. When did they start production in Arkansas?

  8. I think I remember first seeing products toward the beginning of this year. I've been impressed with all I've had!

  9. It's basically a 1g oil syringe with a twist. There's a syringe tip that gives you an option to refill carts and instead of squeezing the plunger you twist it so it's easier to dose. Less than $65 out the door at Body and Mind in West Memphis is how I found it.

  10. I vaguely remember having the male version of this and my sister having this one. Because I remember thinking "I bet if it looks like a magazine nobody will make fun of me for just reading the Bible"... Didn't work 😂

  11. First, I'm very sorry about your grandmother. It's hard losing family members, all religious stuff aside. I've buried most of my extended family now, my mom and dad too. Loss is hard. I sincerely hope you're doing ok.

  12. It was my entire identity. I've been slowly learning to reconstruct my world outside of that lens. It's not easy. And it is heartbreaking hearing that others have had to feel the same emotional rebuild. I am doing ok though through this, thank you for asking. I never really experienced a close family death when I was "assured" of what happened after death; I've had to learn to deal with death in the time in my life where I don't have active solid beliefs about what happens afterward.

  13. Removed under rule 3: no proselytizing or apologetics. As a Christian in an ex-Christian subreddit, it would behoove you to be familiar with our rules and FAQ:

  14. Plants often show differences in genetic expressions in what's called a phenotype. Just like 2 children from the same 2 parents will look different due to the different arrangement or expression of the exact same DNA.

  15. My middle school did this some 20 odd years ago. Clear backpacks, and uniforms so you couldn't wear gang colors.

  16. ...tell me you grew up in a rough neighborhood without telling me you grew up in a rough neighborhood. I scrolled for a long way before seeing someone else who had experienced this. My elementary school and Jr High days were spent with a mesh bag because the clear ones made me sweat. There were also uniforms to prevent "gang colors". Saw it as normal until I moved schools.

  17. Nice Pax! I love mine. Have you tried the flat mouthpiece? Thought I wouldn’t like it but I haven’t gone back to the raised one

  18. I have! I go back and forth. Usually if I'm at home it's the raised one and on the go is the flat one.

  19. Pax was my first big dry herb vape too. My biggest gripe with the unit overall was just how hard the thing was to maintain and clean, even when using the BudKups.

  20. If I ever have the extra money I'm planning on going for a mighty! But man they are not cheap unfortunately. But good to know it's a worthy upgrade!

  21. Sooooo... I got too excited and didn't even think to take picture of the buds before grinding them 😆. The Gary Payton was a dark green, frosty, bud. It didn't have a symmetrical shape but it was very dense and every small bud broke down easily with fingers to smaller buds then to a chunky grind. The lemon pound cake had smaller buds overall but they were a lighter green , but still had a similar coating of trichomes.

  22. A few extra thoughts... I am satisfied with the purchase. It is not something I would buy all the time (you don't eat steak and shrimp every night...) BUT it was well worth it for a special treat every now and then. Very strong smell, even through the mylar. The buds break down great. The flavor is great. I love cheap prices, but this does speak for itself in terms of quality. I'm impressed that GDF was able to make this happen. But it also sets the standards higher for their other products...

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