I can’t believe this quote is real, LOL. We really must be under his skin. Why call out Reddit like this if we weren’t winning? (NY Times)

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What it's like being a GameStop manager these days

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  1. To quote trainspotting tradespotting on Youtube: "the greatest story ever told" and we're part of it!

  2. I seriously hope that dude plays himself I will never forget his “we know what you did” speech. Fuckin epic. Gives me chills to this very day.

  3. Similar to me I think. I missed the 40 USD even though I saw it. Inwas daft not to get a few

  4. I first bought like, a half hour, before the big march drop. Pissed me right off, subscribed to this sub, and the rest is history

  5. But definitely not 2nd or 3rd world.

  6. Gotta love it when little nothing burger, dirt poor country El Salvador announces the move to buttcorn and are able to pay off their $800 million loan on time.

  7. GOT 100 MORE SHARES!!!! 😃😁😈😈😎😎😈🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀

  8. Omg... he just gave us power. Holy shyte guys... acknowledgement like this is validation. Period.

  9. It's hilarious. He is trying to rub it in our faces and rile us up... And we see through him like cheap toilet paper.

  10. He's a fragile, fragile man and doesn't realize how obvious this is to others. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. So RSAs (restricted stock awards) are given as compensation to board members and employees. RSAs vest over a period time. If you look at the new board members that joined in July 2022, they received RSAs and fully vested July 13th 2022.

  12. Audi's are beautiful, what is wrong with you, good sir!

  13. I still think they all look really good, though! There's a reason they look like rs' now, rs' look good! Haha.

  14. Lol I remember the energy back then felt like moass ... tomorrow... :D

  15. You know that this chick isn't even a real GameStop manager, right? The psych op against GameStop is outrageous. Just slander our stores and allow it to go viral. If anyone proves such social media posts are fraudulent, just take it down on one medium and allow the rest to stay up in hopes to reach more eyes.

  16. It's amazing no one can get caught for this shit and charged. Unbelievable. I'm not looking forward to the next 20yrs of the internet and the world in general. I just want to go mountain biking with my kids and pals and get away from all this depressing shite

  17. There is no such thing as a meme stock. To the extent there is, there are meme media and meme regulator agencies. For the same reasons. Reddit makes memes about them.

  18. Dave even tweeted numerous times about these videos. Surprised he never asked Gary about them.

  19. Something tells me they haven't been asked the harder questions asbthey want to be able to interact again in the future. But if Gary was a good lad he would try and answer the Q's and not let them impact future interviews

  20. Been saying this since the beginning. These “kids” didn’t make this shit up. They learned it. You don’t throw together a billion dollar fraudulent company on a global scale without some insights. If SBF had any brains, and could read the room, he’d realize he’d have a better chance throwing Wall-Street under the bus, in hopes of causing a revolution that maybe he could hide in the shadows of, than he’s going to have trying to “play-dumb” about shit.

  21. It's a game where the opponent (MMs and SHFs) can see our discussion and predictions, then counteract them using methods we can't see.

  22. The worst part is it probably takes a laughably small amount of money to bribe these "people"

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