1. I guess I have to provide this information each time:

  2. The 4070ti is honestly a joke at this price point. In many cases you can by last Gen cards that out perform it for cheaper.

  3. Ah ok, I appreciate the help, would it be able to run 144hz 1440p in most high end games

  4. The best gpu is the one you can comfortably afford.

  5. Didn't know there was hate. Smaller keyboards have only grown in popularity.

  6. Because why should you pay more for less buttons

  7. I have 800mbps service. After changing out the cables and without changing anything else, my results on speed went from roughly 300mbps dl to roughly 600mbps dl. Change out took about an hour to re-run the cables from the modem to the router, and router to the PC, speed have been faster ever since.

  8. If you weren't a condescending shit maybe people would listen to you.

  9. Well I've owned an ajazz before and it was pretty damn good quality for the price. I uaveba ducky one 2 mini now and I love it but if I had to go back to Ajazz I'd be fine with it so they get my vote.

  10. You're absolutely right that lack of documentation is not unique to Linux, but please understand that a lack of documentation for Windows software isn't a problem when everything just works. I know that Linux can provide that experience, but that is not the experience it has provided me, for my tasks.

  11. This might be ridiculous, but I was actually thinking about trying to do an immersion-cooled computer. I need to do more research into it, though.

  12. No the players aren't really effected. Broth sure but peoples PC's aren't going to magically stop working.

  13. Judging by the 58195819481 times it gets posted daily, I’m more than certain they know.

  14. Playing video games is mentally retarded. The WEF and Yuval Noah Hararri want to enslave the masses with drugs and video games -- enough said on this issue.

  15. Yeah which honestly not only surprised me but shows Linux is much more popular than previously thought.

  16. I mean yes in an ideal world but Microsoft owns bing so ofc they’d have it initially connected to search features on their devices

  17. I don't hate windows, I just find it annoying sometimes. But i absolutely refuse to try to use Linux on my private gaming machine, I have neither the motivation nor the time to tinker with it for hours to get my shit to run, I already spend enough on modding my games themselves.

  18. I think people need to stop recommending the quest 2 automatically and take a look at the broader picture

  19. People are recommending the quest 2 but are ignoring the fact that the reverb g2 is going to give you a universally better PC VR experience for only $50 more.

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