1. Alcohol is a hard drug my friend. First time I went to the hospital for it I was 19, first time I went to rehab for it was when i was 22. And the last time I went was just a month ago, im 27 now. Get off alcohol and nicotine while you can, weed is w.e but at least try to keep it to a minimum until your brain is done developing.

  2. The lego movie, trust me bro

  3. Lsd comedown. Maybe mdma combo

  4. Yup I've done tests to crystallize FB by dissolving in ethanol adding water and freezing.

  5. How much percent ethanol? Would I need to get %76? Thats the highest I can get in ontario

  6. Would this work? I feel a lot of waste here but hey tell me how it feels sounds fun

  7. Microdoses are good for a nice meditation session especially with a nice spliff, I know its not the most effective way of consuming it, but its my preferred way of meditating and was wondering if i can just infuse the tobacco

  8. Microdose levels its okay, trip level doses its not worth ruining the lsd peak

  9. I just got out of a detox centre for alcohol withdrawals and they pumped me full of 60 mg diazepam within 4 hours, its been like 2 days since my last dose of diazepam though

  10. The diazepam has likely been accumulating in your body. You might wanna wait a bit longer since they’re likely inhibiting the trips

  11. Damn. I just took a tab 20 mins ago, hopefully its something, otherwise ill save the rest of it for next time. Also, I was clean from alcohol 2 years, its just a minor relapse i was going thru rn.

  12. Nope but I like the way you tried to know everything yet knew nothing from the start good show

  13. I work as a budtender, how are you getting package dates less then 3 months from the ocs everytime? Theres plenty of product we receive thats well past the 3 month mark when it arrives.

  14. Sounds like your just self medicating bro. Same here. You need to speak with a therapist and psychiatrist and get to the root of the deeper issues. I personally learned that I was self-medicating for ptsd and bipolar

  15. Bro thats why they make mumble rap, your supposed to listen to it while fucked up

  16. I just buy from the black market for a fraction of the cost. Even with my discount as a budtender those prices are not worth it

  17. Hey there, I know I am responding months late but I've been busy with life. You know how it is. Are you still interested in a costume? Thanks, Elise

  18. Hey do you still make these?

  19. Thank you! Meanwhile, I tried it and got something of a pudding consistency before even adding nigari. So, yeah..

  20. Hey I was thinking of expirmenting something similar, what was your final result like?

  21. Full spectrum is usually darker

  22. I would say they are from my own experience comparing them to 100 ug blotters i had before.

  23. West coast cannabis always has some nice pink options, my favorite is the island pink or the rob ford pink kush from gasleak.

  24. Just keep turning the top while pushing up on the triangle, itll eventually find its way out. After a few tries you'll be able to open it without looking

  25. They can afford to sell some SKUs below cost because on the back-end they're selling data to LPs.

  26. This^ theyre trying to take small businesses out and became the starbucks of weed. When was the last time anyone heard of a successful independent coffee shop since starbucks took over

  27. Appreciate the answer! I saw somewhere else that it needs to be 90+%, i only need it to dissolve to make a tincture i dont plan on drying it, only reducing a little to concentrate it

  28. Oh my God idk why I didn't think to do this with my muted strains. I feel so silly now haha because I have an arizer solo 2 !

  29. Try lowering the temperature

  30. Better off buying distillate from sunshine gifts, its tested so you know how many mgs your getting, i just add 1g distillate to a glass tincture bottle (bought a case from amazon) and add 30 ml of oil, i leave this in warm water for an hour then shake and it mixes well after heating. 900 mg ÷ 30 ml oil works out to 30 mg per ml. You can then take this oil directly or add to foods

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