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  1. Pfft, I will just build up the front with wadded toilet paper. We'll see who's laughing when they're going through 4 months of bog paper a week.

  2. I'd just shit on the floor and let them deal with it. Now you've got poop floor to deal with instead of just letting me have a comfortable sit.

  3. Airbag deployment alone doesn't automatically total a car. Especially one this old. Go to and search the VIN and see if it comes up as a past sale.

  4. is the other auction house worthy of searching. If it didn't end up on copart it went through iaai.

  5. My trailbike (Santa Cruz 5010)I went a size down so I can flick it around more like a dirt jumper or bmx.

  6. That is one steep headtube angle. You can certainly upgrade but I think the frame geo is going to be the thing holding back. That said if you're doing tame trails it probably wouldn't be a deal killer.

  7. Mileage restrictions usually come with the "classic" insurance.

  8. You're also limited on the months you can have it out on the road if you're in a northern state. Wisconsin and Minnesota both do this.

  9. Seems like a lot more effort than just shortening the chain

  10. Even if shortened the chain won't remain tensioned indefinitely. Chains stretch.

  11. As long as you only ever make left turns it's not that bad. Hard rights are gonna suck.

  12. 5t was peak OnePlus imho. Never had a 6 though. 1 3 3t 5t 7t pro, 9 pro

  13. Just upgraded from 5T to 9. The 9 may win me over, but I am planning to attempt a DIY battery replacement on the 5T and if successful, may revert. Aside from processor speed and 5G, the 5T is still competitive with many of today's devices.

  14. I sent my 9 back when I got it but that was during the oos 12 rollout shit show. If I would have held on longer maybe my impressions would be better.

  15. Thank you so much. I've been wanting to put my 5010 on my supermoto for transportation. Gas in my car is just too damn much just for bringing my mtb place to place.

  16. Then stand your ground, do not accept any "generous" offers of SoA paying 50%, and go to your county BAR association for a referral to a lawyer if they try to break the law like they did with me.

  17. Monkey piling on this. State attorney generals love going after dealerships and automotive manufacturers. If all else fails contact them.

  18. I honestly think whoever is in charge of gauging whether there is enough market demand for the Levorg in the US and Canada is the same moron that decided to put plastic cladding on the WRX.

  19. I uh, do not like my Wolf Tooth. I installed a One Up V2 dropper and have to constantly faff with the WT lever.

  20. Yes. The software is near-stock. You'll get bored of Glyph Lights in a day. But it is beautiful to look at even after a month. Cameras are far better than OnePlus. The heck Hasselblad partnership was for? Nothing Phone (1) gives me more color accurate photos without any camera-brand partnership. What you see with your eyes, is what the camera captures. The bezels are symmetrical, yes, but thick. They are as thick as the iPhone XR. You compare it with the Galaxy S22. S22 also has symmetrical bezels but are half the thickness. I miss the alert slider a lot. Now it takes 4-5 taps to change the phone from Ringer to Vibration or Silent. I haven't faced the bugs or quality issues which i saw on the internet, so i guess they fixed all of them. Overall, I'm happy with Nothing. The only thing missing is the Alert Slider, the rest you will love as a OnePlus fan.

  21. My nothing phone 1 comes Monday. I’m really quite excited. More so after the things you’ve said.

  22. I'm sure you'll love it. Just don't get your expectations very high. Remember that OnePlus was flagship and Nothing is an upper mid-ranger. It's a great daily driver. Okey-ish for casual gaming.

  23. I don’t game at all so no worries there. Just been really tired of OnePlus stuff since the 5t. I recently bought and sent back a 9 pro as I couldn’t handle the level of bologna.

  24. You're getting a return on your if statement because Get-BitLockerVolume -MountPoint C: returns back an object, therefore your if statement is true.

  25. Please do explain how a yoke makes sense when lock to lock is more than a full revolution. In a real (emphasis real) race car lock to lock is closer thus making a yoke practical.

  26. Idk who installed yours but the people that put the loser flute in my Jetta ended up fucking the wiring harness.

  27. PSA: unless you are a pro, just get the usual oil drain pans, with wide open tops and no gimmicks. Actually, get two of them: one for the pan drain, and one for under the filter.

  28. Same boat. Looks nice but my luck I’d open it inadvertently at the worst possible time.

  29. In my pile of old tech I’ve got a oneplus one, 3, 3T, 5t, 7t pro. I’m now waiting for a nothing phone 1 to go on sale because fuck settling for oneplus now.

  30. This is where backup copy pirating would come in. If I bought the video and your store took it away from me I’ll obtain a backup copy from the internets without any guilt.

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