1. There was a thing called the Little Ice Age. And it is ending now.

  2. Who said it was a ufo? First time I've heard that. It has Chinese writing on it, ffs.

  3. The little doughboy standing there saying "hot dog" is just the most precious thing 🥹

  4. I’m 45 and consider myself middle age, statistically for my country’s age of death for a woman. 30 is not middle age - I hadn’t even had my first child at 30.

  5. If he was a decent guy he would have suggested they wait more than 5 second to get pregnant.

  6. I could certainly see him being a decent guy but not really understanding the risks and difficulties inherent to pregnancy due to being so young and sheltered. How they handle the NEXT pregnancy will really show the truth of what kind of person he is, I think.

  7. He probably saved his money he made, it’s not like they’ve blown their money like most of the cast…. They have rental properties, they’re not driving fancy ass cars, they seem to live pretty simply.. so I’m sure they’d be just fine. And there’s a thing out there called jobs. Sorry, not trying to be snarky ♥️

  8. Yeah I think Gary and Kristina will be 100% fine. They seem to be smart with their money and live well within their means. Plus they have multiple streams of income outside of TM. I wouldn't be surprised if they've been expecting this to happen with Amber for some years now, lol.

  9. Same here. I just rinse ilthe potato off, stab it with a fork a few times and stick it in the microwave for ~5 minutes depending on size. I don't know if the fork stabbing is necessary but that's what I was taught growing up. 😉

  10. The stabbing is definitely necessary. I didn't stab my potato enough (it was a big boy) the other day and it exploded as it was cooking. The cleanup was brutal 😅

  11. I love how incredibly Kail it is to take a photo with your kid on his 13th birthday, but you're obscuring half his face with your boob, and the other half of his face looks somber as hell. And then you decide that this is definitely the pic that should be posted on your teen son's social media account for the entire world to see. It's aggressively narcissistic behavior tbh.

  12. "her husband". He is mentioned. She was/is a reality tv star.

  13. They did not name him. Which is strange because he is ostensibly the co-host of the show, not a background character.

  14. That spicy fried fish would be 38 dollars today 😲 wonder why it was so expensive back then? In in California and the last time me and my boyfriend went to our local thai food restaurant I couldn't recall anything on the menu that was close to 38 bucks unless it was a dinner for 2 special

  15. On makeupaddiction, they're heavily upvoted even though they commit the shittiest makeup

  16. Had to unsub from there because of that. Like, if you post the sloppiest, most basic and unflattering look ever, but you're a biological male, black, or a hijabi, you are guaranteed to get 2k+ upvotes on that sub. And like a hundred comments telling you how pretty you are and how good at makeup you are, lol.

  17. Um, you have been conditioned to belittle your own experiences. You have been programmed to dismiss your interpretation. You have been taught your pain is an inconvenience to those who you have also been taught to trust. At 20 years old that is 7300 days of damage. Hearing some version of you don’t matter three times a day is 21,900 times you have been rejected. Imagine being hit in the face 21,900 times. The brain treats emotional and physical pain exactly the same. Your brain is bruised. That alone is enough trauma to seriously mess anyone up.

  18. When you spell out the number of days/times hearing something like that, it kinda blows my mind. And makes it a lot easier to be kind to myself about my emotional wounds. Thank you for this.

  19. It’s why I hate when my fiancé drives, and she hates me being the passenger. She’s very unpredictable and it scares me at times. She doesn’t seem to understand how behaving how others expect you to is often safer than being skittish in the name of being cautious.

  20. I find it to be incredibly distasteful how so many people are feeling the need to talk negatively about how Farrah appeared to have treated/talked about Derek when he was alive and immediately after his death.

  21. This is why there is always someone who comes in the comments confused like "omg what do you guys do to your clothes???". H&M sweaters/sweatpants and certain knits are garbage and as you said, single use. Some items last longer, even really long. Also "lasts long" is relative - I am wearing my H&M sweater right now, its never been in the dryer (don't have a dryer in fact) and while it hasnt disentegrated, its so pilled I cant wear it out, and it has become loungewear.

  22. Now that I'm an adult, I often think it would be easier in many ways if they were just able to be honest with themselves and admit that they only do stuff out of obligation. Then they could just stop putting on the pretense, because it doesn't actually bring them any real happiness to do these things that they claim to care about. I would rather not have a relationship at all than have a forced relationship based around someone's misguided sense of obligation and inability to experience real joy/love from interacting with me.

  23. Bitches are desperate though! Matt Baier had no problem finding a new incubator after Amber. With like 10 kids from multiple moms as well. I guess you just gotta set your standards to nonexistent lol.

  24. "Bitches are desperate" could literally be the tagline of this entire show tbh 😂

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