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  1. He failed at quite a few things in the movie. Didn't capture the Riddler, didn't stop his plan, didn't recognize a carpeting tool or its significance, allowed Penguin to walk free...

  2. I know there aren’t enough available letters but did you name a black one Bucephalus?

  3. Yeah it’s very strange, i feel they could have maybe gone about it a more safe way

  4. I love it, I do the same with almost every game I play from Breath of the Wild to Ghost of Tsushima I very much love immersing myself like this!

  5. Seriously, dude. It's sad that they had to intentionally change the face just to make it look more Tom Holland-like. Not that it's a bad thing, but the old face was clearly a lot better. This new face looks younger than Miles Morales himself. LOL.

  6. You actually can leash a cat. Read a book.

  7. Bless, the utter sadness and desperation of seeking approval for his teen wank, sock in hand and bathroom door locked. Do picture one this morning and shoot picture two after lunch.

  8. What website is this artwork generated from, I have noticed you have not disclaimed it?

  9. You need to pass a certain point to unlock vehicle colours. Some colours you then need to reach a certain connection level with a prepper to unlock.

  10. Ok, that makes sense. So based on this and other things I’ve heard - each costumer has a certain thing they will supply you based on their name. And the more you grow your connection with them - via taking orders - the better the things they supply me with with get. Am I getting this right?

  11. I feel like boss combat would be so much more dynamic if the Director's Cut content were geared for the fights. What I wouldn't give to launch a truck at a squid...

  12. Facts! Creative boss fights like that is what Death Stranding needs. Take all the stuff we have learned from our journeys and make the climax even better! Imagine preparing for a battle by storing bombs in the back of a truck, and then driving it into a boss only to jump out at the last second. Or set up a zip line above the boss to get a vantage point where you can do a personal areal bombing run!

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