1. Literally no LGBT+ person pledges allegiance to any of our flags. Pebble yeet is a Nazi.

  2. Honestly I'm glad they got his equipment working again. Otherwise he would have even more psychological issues in addition to those borne from war.

  3. Even if there's a bi/curious/etc woman at the bar, they're probably there to either get someone else who goes to lesbian bars FOR lesbians or at the very least, to hang out. They're probably not there to get a guy.

  4. If I was mistaken with anything please let me know so i'll fix it.Summing up RPR/BLM/SMN was the hardest xD If anyone has a better way to sum them up, please let me know :)

  5. Black Mage's PVP LB also allows your next 6 spells to be instantly cast.

  6. I saw a thread about this yesterday. The media will call it anything other than homophobia and lesbophobia. May this couple rest in peace.

  7. Okay, so someone did beat me to this. I crossposted this to this sub with links to articles and such, should I leave that up?

  8. Being disrespectful to service workers(cashiers, waiters, janitors, etc). Actively hating children(not wanting kids is okay, using terms like "crotch goblins" unironically isn't). Being a TERF. Being a racist(if you won't listen to our BIPOC siblings when they talk about systemic issues I don't want you around me). Enlightened centrism.

  9. Aren't sex workers at a higher risk of violence due to their profession?*

  10. I have a lot of internalized issues with sexuality. I'm not currently sexually active, but with my ex, I was very hypersexual in the early part of our relationship. But I don't know if it's from Catholic repression or something my mom did.

  11. I have a theory that hammering “NEVER think about sex” into children’s heads every single day for years leads to them having sexual fixations as adults

  12. I'm inclined to agree, but my mom also allowed me to watch Rocky Horror as well as Aerosmith's music videos when I was in elementary school before turning around and going TradCath. And being touched on my back is a trigger. So something else may be in play here.

  13. I'm so sick of all the Lourdes merch (I'm from Europe). It's everywhere, and that stupid statue is ugly as hell no matter how much money was invested into making it. We had one at church where Mary looked like a Barbie with those Victorian beauty standards plastered all over her. Why are her head feet and hands like 0.75 the size of a normal human?

  14. Maybe Jewish Palestinian women looked like white Barbies back then, who knows? /s

  15. Ouran has so many good memories but hoooooo boy if you watch it now some of the gags aged like milk

  16. And the t slur is used to refer to Haruhi's dad* and another character.

  17. The porn industry is corrupt and horrible. Sex work, like OF, or any case where someone willingly sells sex and/or explicit content of themself, is not corrupt and horrible.

  18. I have too much healing to do from my upbringing. I never want any child of mine to fear me the way I feared my mother.

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