1. J hate the whole trope of "OH they don't love anyone are popular but coldly brush off everyone be it romantically or platonically but then fell in love with the main character or smth"

  2. Sounds like you are a cupioromantic (an aromantic person who wants a relationship). I think they have a subreddit you can check out.

  3. The guy In the video is responding to someone referring to the hindu 'varna'(caste) system by citing 'bhagvat geeta' and claiming that the varna system was fluid and allowed people to change between castes on basis of their thought process (I think he meant job/work) the religious"guru" then claims that people like him are the future of india.

  4. In my knowledge the varna system was fluid and free system in the past, before manusmriti made it to be rigid and now we all know that it is,in reality,a very rigid system of stratified discrimination and these bhakti are trying to deny that

  5. Rule 3 : India is a country of many languages but if you're on Reddit it's a safe bet that you have some understanding of English. Please provide an English translation in the comments. You don't have to provide a word for word translation, just give users the gist of the content.

  6. Shit they caught us! We thought we can keep on damaging indian culture and nature(not like animals don't show multigenderness and homosexuality just saying 🤷‍♂️)

  7. That really sucks. I hate seeing them suffer too. Id own all the animals If I could! How come you're a walking stereotype?

  8. Oh infp are supposed to be really kind to animals and helpless humans and stuff so I said I'm a walking stereotype

  9. Youre not a stereotype at all haha. Youre just an INFP. Thats just who we are. We are special (:

  10. My parents don’t share same enthusiasm as I do with my religious choices. They even make me do some of their religious stuff which I hate to do. I think imposing your religious thinking on your children is form of child abuse.

  11. My parents are the same they say I'll live in misery if I don't accept God 🙄 They try to make me a...make me a...believer....believer

  12. Yes Buddhism, taoism, psychology, metaphysics, quantum physics, all kinds of spirituality, Hinduism, Sufism, law of attraction, psychedelics, parallel universes, other dimensions, past lives, yoga etc etc

  13. They say homosexuality is acceptable in Hinduism because of some sculptures in Khajuraho, well theres a guy fucking a horse too among them.

  14. I got banned from so called free speech subreddit of indiaspeaks or some bs for saying that I don't believe in religion since I believe they are fiction 🥴

  15. I won't lie I hate not being able to love cause I want to be in a romantic relationship (I'm cupio) but not being able to love sometimes make me feel like an arsehole since I am not even romantically attracted to the person I'm dating but it's ok I'm happy being who I am though

  16. Thanks for the advice but I'll love you to tell me exactly what I should fix in the women's right question and sry about the grammar I'm not a native speaker.

  17. Well that's good for you, consider me a bit jealous, I wish I had a friend who is also aro but well....

  18. Hey, just filled out your survey, would love it if you filled out mine too :)

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