1. I expected the Irish farmer to know better, as he has sisters. Also, his sister wore makeup as well.

  2. I dunno why her kids are so negative on her being a surrogate? And his reasons for saying no are such bs male insecurity. I could see it if he had a legit reason for being against it, but this? Nah.

  3. Isn't IVF really expensive? Maybe that is why he is saying no. Also, what if the baby is another boy? Wasn't it the point that her sister always wanted a daughter?

  4. The costs would not fall on a surrogate - though that would have been a valid question to ask if he didn't know that.

  5. I believe she actually does say the m word but she also does mention it was during church community activities. Either way very real and very sad and still probably happening to other young women in her city in her old church

  6. That is not true. She said a psychic felt weird vibes in home bathroom or something like that.

  7. I don't buy the all. I am also not really a fan of Lisa's. Meredith wanted revenge, and I get it.

  8. The ability of Jen and Meredith to forgive Jen over Whitney and Lisa is extremely confusing.

  9. I get Meredith unable to forgive Lisa...but Heather I simply do not understand. Why she is incapable of forgiving Whitney, but Jen can say anything bad about her and she still acts like Jen can do or say no wrong. I do not get it.

  10. Meredith and Heather: Aren't the underdogs the elderly men or women who were the actual victims? You know, those elderly people who have to somehow find a job anywhere they can, so they can survive?

  11. It was so cringe how Tom was portrayed as some kind of Cassanova

  12. This family, if you can even call them one, is so fractured and completely broken at this point. I would venture to guess they were never very close but the dynamics now are taking a toll. I don’t think any of them really love each other and depending on the day don’t like each other either. I don’t even think Todd and Julie really love/like each other. They are fake, scripted, controlled, liars & frauds. The big lie has been uncovered and revealed. Todd and Julie are now in prison. The adult and young kids now know their entire life was stolen privileges that they would not have had otherwise. Now they are left to figure out who they really are because the swindling parents aren’t there to tell them. They have never had to do anything for themselves and Todd has meddled in every facet of their lives. How they survive this will be interesting to watch…their lives leading up to this point haven’t really been much different. We all know/see enough to be dangerous, imagine the things that have gone on that we don’t know. 🫣

  13. I imagine Todd will continue to lead his kids, even while away, if he can. With all the visits from them, and the phone calls, and email. My guess is he will try anyway. As time goes on, maybe they will all learn to stand as independent adults, with their own way of living life on their own terms. Maybe Todd will be grateful at some point not to be carrying them all, as it is a heavy responsibility.

  14. Who wouldn't breakdown if they were in this situation, where your parents were both sent to prison at the same time? That is the most normal reaction given the circumstances, and I would assume "everyone" would react the same.

  15. Deliberately searching for someone 25-40 sounds quite predatory to me

  16. Funny cuz men do it all the time with wayyy younger women. And it’s accepted socially. Definitely a double standard

  17. I recall the dinner that one couple went on alone, without the other couple, and they had nothing to talk about with each other. They need to live together as a unit.

  18. I didn’t feel that way at all! I saw someone who wanted a 25-40 year old to play with, not a serious love in her life. She was practically disgusted at the idea of going over 40. Then in the next scene she cries about being alone. She is much more delusional than I realized. She has no idea what an appropriate relationship looks like.

  19. I wonder how Darcey and Stacey will act when their kids start bringing around 25 year old guys.

  20. Can you imagine eating at this restaurant and looking around and watching everyone licking chocolate off their hands? Gross.

  21. OK I’m with you guys on this one, wasn’t she hassling Darcy about Georgie not working when he could “and Florian’s going to get a job as soon as he can.”

  22. Do you think they ever had a real & normal conversation? Ever? He proposed & she claims he didn’t doesn’t English. I’m not buying their love story bs. Can’t stand Stacey. She’s mean. Darcey is a hot mess but I don’t think she’s mean.

  23. I think Paulina looks naturally beautiful, and I agree that there is something rare and interesting, and lovely in those who choose to to bypass all the "procedures" and simply be who they are.

  24. I have ignored the series for a few weeks, other than pausing here and there while flipping channels. TLC ignores the viewers who take great issue with the abuse Angela heaps on Michael, and how Ed treats Liz.

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