1. We’re at a point where not enough people understand the process but know enough to pretend to and the ethics that come along with it aren’t widely discussed. I thought we hit critical mass like 5+ years ago when predictive policing algorithms were essentially laundering our own biases but apparently were not even close.

  2. This is what you get for worshipping it as a truth telling instrument instead of a fun toy

  3. You can tell AI art is art, because like every other art form, mentioning it causes heated debate on whether it's art.

  4. All this kerfuffle about what art is when we could just define art as whatever makes someone, anyone out there mad.

  5. That boat sailed when the Dadaists parked a urinal in a museum, and thereby defined it as art by fiat.

  6. Shitposting is the highest form of human creativity. The day a shitpost AI comes online, humanity will cease the need to exist.

  7. The problem with this way of looking at the issue is that other municipal functions are often handled outside the city general budget. Schools in particular often have their own budget that is managed separately.

  8. School budgets shouldn’t be compared to police budgets. They’re apples and oranges. Police budgets should be compared to other emergency services.

  9. So if I take a recipe and, one by one, change each of the ingredients of the recipe until none of the original ingredients remain – do I not still have the same recipe?

  10. You mean SPAM isn't an ancient historical Korean ingredient? Personally my parents always pointed out that stuff like Panda Express wasn't real chinese food, but they never complained about eating it.

  11. Spam macaroni soup is legit my favourite real and traditional Chinese dish. It’s the perfect thing in the morning for hangovers.

  12. It's a discussion worth having so you know if you're getting with someone who got the ol' Herp.

  13. You should be testing for STIs with every new sexual partner. An account of how many people you have sex with is neither reliable nor predictive

  14. Yes you should. But that has nothing to do with being honest with your new partner.

  15. Then why did you bring it up if it’s irrelevant?

  16. Unsurprisingly no. Considering the existence of google and all that before it.

  17. Doesn't his furry brother make one of the most popular and oldest furry comic, Twokinds?

  18. Yes. Tom Fischbach of twokinds has a famous brother who makes YouTube videos!

  19. Honestly from what been shown so far, I can tell the Devs have put in a lot of love into the game. Whenever this game gets brought up in leftist circles like

  20. It looks very Ubisoft but a lot of people find those kinds of games fun. They sell well for a reason.

  21. This is just an example of AI superiority though. Humans can't account for their own bias, which will manifest itself even subconsciously. Meanwhile we can easily program the AI to not give longer sentences to black people and it'll execute this instruction perfectly.

  22. AI can’t account for its own bias either. Biased humans train AI with biased datasets.

  23. Why do you think a possible AI would be incorruptible? You could generate a scenario where someone games the outcome of the AI.

  24. Real or perceived concerns about getting demonetized or having your content not recommended by the algorithm for sensitive content. This can be real with some content but it’s also superstition with others. It’s impossible to tell so people play it safe.

  25. This is a cup problem not an espresso problem. Use a different cup. Make the espresso directly into the cup you’re going to put the water in? Or just invert the cup really quickly instead of trying to pour slowly

  26. The guy with the 11 mile long pointy stick wasn’t available.

  27. Not very grounded but it depends on how annoying it is or the likelihood it’ll start an unresolvable argument. Someone who’s incapable of any political will or has detestable political beliefs are equally bad in this regard

  28. It’s a legitimate human emotion. It’s not necessarily always justified

  29. Sir. Sir. I cannot jerk off to your art. Please remedy this.

  30. Why does this person keep harping on the “what if my genitals are a surprise” thing? So weird.

  31. Guys acting like there’s a convenient sun ray blocking your genitals unless you sign a contract declaring what they are.

  32. OP should be inspired by his own hubris and have an insane king name a city in the middle of nowhere his capital, while all the prosperous coastal cities will mostly be ignored by the king.

  33. Just put a bunch of incredibly desired resources nearby, name it Dubai and call it a day

  34. What if we took inspiration from IRL. Maybe Al’Dubai?

  35. Why would you want to join a community for people who do not identify as part of a particular community? Seems paradoxical.

  36. Those are the proper uses of blockchain technology.

  37. If you want quality to be maintained, you're looking for lossless compression which tends to have larger file sizes than lossy compression but you have loss of information. If you're okay with some quality loss, you can get smaller file sizes with lossy compression.

  38. Mad how much people prejudge things before they are released, even in a case like this where very little has actually been shown.

  39. For context, the dlc complaint is everpresent in any modern game with dlc that can be purchased on day 1 (which is essentially every AAA game). It's not unique to this situation and the same arguments about it get repeated ad nauseum each time

  40. Someone in the comments said this game is going to be like Cyberpunk 2 because some people are offended by games that are not 10/10.

  41. I agree with you. Cyberpunk also had the problem that people were tricking themselves into thinking that witcher 3 was better than it actually was, and set their expectations too high when they got oversold by the trailers.

  42. I don’t think it’s a red flag if you’re aware of your lack of knowledge and want to get sex ed that you forgot/were denied

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