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DRS/Computershare Megathread 08/2022

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When you follow your heart, love is the answer

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Shows the Silver Award... and that's it.

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  1. Well, this is a good time to ask if you think I should invest in Drip. I know people are bummed because they invested high and it seems to be tanking with lower lows in sight. I know I'm supposed to dyor but this is what I'm doing. Is the reason it's low due to out of control inflation or just a dump in market?

  2. Drip is most likely dead, so no, I wouldn't put one more cent into this. I have spent 12k and have 6 wallets but I fear it will all be lost. I didn't know at the time that Drip was forked from BankFlow on Tron network. The reason BankFlow was abandoned was because it had this crashing token flaw of too many emissions. That's why Elephant Money was created by the founder. Drip was always going to face this fate.

  3. Thank you. Sounds like drip ran into some inflationary problems. I'll check out your recommendation. I like the payout is BUSD.

  4. The original EOS was an ERC token, it was pre launch of the EOS token, so it could be traded. you were supposed to trade those in back in 2018 for the real EOS. I would google if you can still trade ERC tokens for the real deal.

  5. I thought I had, so it was surprising to find these hidden away. Thanks for the info.

  6. Could you solve your problem? I'm facing the same situation right now. Found many EOS on my ETH address (Ledger) + also claimed them back in 2018. Does that mean the ones on the ETH address are useless?

  7. You should run your own EEN. In addition to having full control over your node, and reserved space if you want to add more to your stake later, consider this:

  8. Hi, is this different than staking 10k tfuel on Gpool? Is this downloading the EEN to your computer and earning tfuel by running it? Thanks.

  9. When you claim all your staking, it will clean it all out, then you have to deposit a little for the next claim. It would be nice if it left a little in the reserves.

  10. I was, but I realize I have to use alternate version without ledger.

  11. So what you need to do is make another Keplr account without Ledger. Transfer your Osmosis to that account. Then youconvert the OSMO to EVMOS and you'll have the EVMOS on Osmosis.

  12. whoa. Thanks a lot! My brains is full though. Appreciate your time.

  13. Fun fact: antigen testers cannot differentiate between corona virus that causes common cold and covid.

  14. Lol, fact checkers. I'm sorry. I forgot they are always right and never serve the interests of big pharma but instead dig deep to defend the truth and cannot be swayed by the mighty dollar.

  15. I can imagine running into this lion with his puffy jacket at whole foods and giving me the stink eye for some unknown reason.

  16. Tax the rich to give it all to Ukraine? Fuck that rhetoric. I'm skeptical of any pro tax peeps out there. I'm poor but would rather not give all our USD away, even if it's from taxing rich guys. We could do away with 90% of government then there is enough tax money to cover it all.

  17. If they tax the rich where does that money go? How it works: billionaires in foreign countries hire lobbyists to pay millions to your congress and senate to pass aid bills which they use to send billions to the rich in foreign countries. Defense contractors, politicians and other shitty humans are the end recipients of this money. Ukraine, Iran and Israel are big recipients. Someone says "tax the rich" and the retards start clapping without realizing what happens to the money. At least it's certain that none of us will benefit, only other rich.

  18. It's like your university asking for donations, like, what did you do with the fuck ton of money I already gave you? Should buy less avocado toast.

  19. I'm hoping my kid will be the first person in my family NOT to go to college.

  20. Your broker will 100% sell your shares before going bankrupt when the squeeze starts. DRS your shit or be ready for the $50 Olive Garden gift card they’re about to mail you in exchange for your 200 shares.

  21. I did like those never-ending salad bowls with the bread sticks.

  22. MOASS will very, very likely take longer than just a day or two. It's estimated to last anywhere from couple of months to even years until the price reaches "peak", when all shorts finally have been closed, and only from there it starts a true decline. Then again, if all shares are accounted for in CS (infinity pool), the price may never stop rising :3

  23. Is it recommended to leave a few shares in the trading account in order not to miss any MOASS or do you think it is best to send them all over to DRS? I know, not financial advice, but needed clarification. Thanks.

  24. Not advicing on anything, but I'm keeping a few shares on each of my brokers, so those can be sold on a quick notice if need be. But also because I want to be part of class-action lawsuits if any of those brokers end up fudging things for my shares in this lovely company I adore!

  25. Yeah, I’ll help as well. Describe the problem. Easiest way is to download metaM with a browser that you haven’t used before. Like chrome or brave or explorer. Open a mm address using the seed phrase that goes with your keplr wallet. Or whatever cosmos wallet you use most. Your main ATOM staking wallet seed phrase. And I’m saying use a fresh copy of mm because then you won’t have a problem with any previous settings getting in the way.

  26. I think this sounds reasonable. Easiest explanation. I kind of hate to enter my seed phrase just for EVMOS but maybe I'm eligible? Can't tell because it says my keplr isn't, but I'm pretty sure I was staking. Anyways, thanks for this.

  27. So I go to Evmos and says I'm not eligible. However I'm pretty sure I was staking at the time. I was using keplr. Could it be that I am eligible and have to do the metamask or if it says "no" that's a "no."

  28. n-Ro says:

    I should drs more gme

  29. What's the consensus? All to DRS or keep a few in the game for a Kia Rio when it moons?

  30. "In this house we believe in hoarding our money and not sharing with nay-sayers."

  31. Hi there! I’m pretty certain that this is a false parasol. They are as toxic as my last relationship, so I do not advise eating it. :)

  32. :) Thanks for that. Hopefully you move on to chanterellus relationships.

  33. For anyone visiting this post in the future, confirmed the 3rd gen Jimny's don't have adjustable steering but a 2 meter person fits pretty good in the front seat. A little head room left, granted you are not all torso, and legs are mainly under steering wheel.

  34. 2016,2017,2018 are still the Gen. 3 Jimny, which do not have adjustable steering wheels.

  35. Thanks for the info. I'm thinking of buying one and they are surprisingly spacious in the front seat. My knees rub on the edge of the steering but it almost works. I'll consider your suggestion.

  36. I heard of this tarzan actor, black and white days, who was very shredded. He did the same amount of push ups every day. I think he never increased number but just tried to get faster and faster. Kind of like sprinting.

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