Water inundation in Naples, FL

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Staring into the abyss and it's staring right back

New Orleans Tornado - Just Happened! March 22, 2022

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TIL in 2001 Ashton Kutcher went to pick his girlfriend up for a date but she never answered the door. He peeked in a window & saw what looked like wine stains on the floor.Unbeknownst to him she had just been killed by serial killer Michael Gargiulo who stabbed her 47 times & was sentenced to death

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This hits me right in the feels

[OC] Comparison of Italy, USA, and California COVID-19 numbers

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  1. Scrooged with Bill Murray. No question. That end scene where he resolves his evil ways tears me up every single time.

  2. The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

  3. I was surprised not to see Maya Hawke mentioned by anyone. Daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. She's really a great actress.

  4. People in New Orleans rarely see tornadoes. Most of the tornadoes we get are spin offs from hurricanes. Ask 10 people born and raised in New Orleans and I bet at least 7 of them won’t know they’re supposed to go to an interior windowless room when the sky turns green.

  5. They are estimating it as, at minimum, an EF3. Interesting note: Total number of recorded EF2+ tornados in the New Orleans area... 1... This one.

  6. After watching 9 days of this, I'm not seeing real evidence that Russia is doing more than saber rattling when it comes to nuclear threats. Think about it:

  7. What you're describing is quite literally the end of all life on Earth. It's apocalyptic and everyone should be doing everything that they can to avoid it.

  8. You're assuming that he has the ability to release his entire nuke arsenal, which he doesn't. He'll fire a single nuke to a NATO target to get everyone to back off. Global annihilation isn't in his plan. That's like saying a military would fire every missile and send up every plane all at once. Never happen.

  9. Posted this yesterday but things move so quick here I'm sure it was missed by most. Here is a Twitter list for real-time Ukraine updates. Tons of OSINT sources with frequent updates.

  10. Seriously, shut the fuck up and stop posting this with all your little troll friends.

  11. I'm sure many of you have already done this, but for those who haven't, here is a curated Twitter list that contains some of the more accurate sources I have personally found. It's a ton of info, so doom-scroll wisely...

  12. Curated by who? You’re a trump supporter

  13. A Trump supporter? OSINT not your specialty, eh? Anything but, my friend.

  14. I experienced the exact same issue along with neck pain, and it was all related to the bike being too big. Get a shorter stem if possible. If you can't go any shorter, your only fix is getting a different bike. I know that answer sucks because no one wants to do that, but I can assure you, there are no other options as I have literally tried them all. Once I got a bike that was my size, all of the issues went away immediately. Even pushing your seat forward won't help because your issue is how your center of gravity is positioned over your bottom bracket. Best of luck!

  15. It is such a shame how the world covers killers more than victims. Really liked the new Netflix doc “Nightstalker” for how much they focused on the cops and the victims rather than the piece of shit it was all about.

  16. Natural Born Killers addresses this pretty head on. It’s OJ-era Oliver Stone and definitely worth the watch.

  17. Wasn't sure if this qualified as crappy design, but I just received this news alert in the Mac News app.

  18. I’m wondering if this data is a bit misleading. Considering that the level of social interaction is the same between developed nations, the R0 (R naught), or number of people affected per infected person, would also be the same. That implies this growth correlation would be the same for other nations as well. The key difference here is the population and percentage affected therein which would in turn affect the response. The US has a population of approx 265 million while Italy has roughly 65 million. In Italy, the infected population is 0.004615% while in the US it’s 0.00113% roughly. Perhaps adding the percentage of population affected to the chart would give a more comprehensive view. Just a thought...

  19. The crash was from Oct 24-29th. I’d buy them right away after that.

  20. Completely misread...thought it meant you could only go back one week in time...ignore me, friend.

  21. Considering most transactions would require some form of ID, one week is actually a pretty good answer. If you had time to prepare, you could just take a dollar of that 10,000 and buy a lottery ticket. But if you couldn't bring it back with you, you would have to put it somewhere safe. You could get a safe deposit box and just go back the next week and pick it up. Since so little time had passed, nothing would appear out of the ordinary to anyone so you're unlikely to get any questions. So see, one week isn't a bad answer at all! :)

  22. How would you gain access to those stocks in the present?

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