1. Not only did Hobie not hit, the way he seems to be familiar with Miles already when they meet I’m positive all Gwen did was talk about him lmao

  2. Gwen’s just as down bad as Miles she just doesn’t know how to draw

  3. We need a drug dealing alternate universe villainous spider man that deals drugs. He’s the drugger spider.

  4. Or like where Peter’s dealing in high school to help make ends meet while Aunt May’s social security is once again at risk and she’s about to undergo a medical procedure they ultimately can’t afford

  5. i just dont understand how hobie knew to tell miles to use his whole palm and not his fingertips for his ability?

  6. He saw Miles building up the energy to break the barrier with his palms, remember?

  7. Rules be dammed. They still chose not to visit despite having the ability. Now (cliffhanger), they are choosing to go find him--rescue him. Despite inevitably having to face off against the entire Spider-Society.

  8. And Miguel only forbade them because he has it out for Miles and his status as the “Ultimate anomaly” reminds him of his failure, reminds him that he’s the real anomaly. There’s nothing Gwen or Peter could’ve said or done with him that would’ve threatened the multiverse. It goes bad for Gwen because

  9. Yeah but I dont know if its just me but Miles seems to have a thing for that Spider Byte girl

  10. It’s just you. They had like, less than one minute of shared screen time

  11. he turned 17 in Ahmed's run, which was after that so the oldest he could've been was maybe 16

  12. No, he turned 18 in Ahmed’s run. He was confirmed 17 in the 2016 volume where Sitting in a Tree takes place

  13. She’s been disconnected from what made her special in the 70s for a VERY long time, and she’d be a much more entertaining and compelling character in the present if editorial allowed her to be irresponsible (which they do for Peter no matter what) rather than insisting she have her shit together no matter what’s happening or what she’s doing. She is a far cry from the girl who made sure Peter knew he hit the jackpot

  14. I don’t know. I like the idea behind the page but its execution reminds me of Teen Titans Go

  15. Oh yeah, I'm dumb. I guess they could have just shown it in a single cutscene rather than it being an entire gameplay section.

  16. Running into MJ as she’s sneaking around in places she shouldn’t would’ve been a hell of an introduction

  17. I mean if it were just left at that, without having to play the mission

  18. With all the evil joker has done and will continue to do any reasonable person would do what it takes to stop the madness. Any one who says killing the joker makes you just like him is insane.

  19. Do you call veterans murders. The death of a dangerous enemy combatant is not murder. The Joker has had every opportunity to surrender and not commit his tearable acts. It is clear he will not, at that point he has made his choices. What Batman is doing is putting the safety of the man holding a gun above the safety of the innocent people he is pointing it at.

  20. Batman isn’t a war veteran, nor is he someone who gets pushed into the kind of corners people who kill in self defense as a last resort are, much less by someone like the Joker. He’s Batman. He’s skilled to the point where the death of an opponent by his hand would essentially be outright murder. His martial arts training has the discipline of preserving life embedded into it. What you’re proposing is a convoluted path to Batman taking it on himself to murder another person in cold blood. That’s not who Batman is, nor should it ever be

  21. All the casino ads make it look like you'll be gambling in Monaco with a bouncy, joyful group of young people - then you go in and it's endless rows of blank-faced olds jamming on those buttons.

  22. Even in fiction, there are at least 4 different times when a Marvel villain destroys the towers, including the ones who weep in the 9/11 tie-ins.

  23. It’s not that his voice changed, it’s that he applies it in the studio differently from what he did ten years ago. Back in the day he didn’t like using noticeable amounts of autotune and now it’s his go-to, but you hear him sing live and he sounds the same every year

  24. The funniest thing is this isn’t even the first time this has happened to her. Apparently Miles did the same thing for the same reason, expecting her to reciprocate. Though he had an outright crush

  25. The only thing I don’t like about this is how the bottom stringers stretch down past the inside of his thighs. Looks like a swimsuit outline

  26. I’d consider something space themed with how celestial programable matter looks as its forming

  27. Yes. Kamala being an Inhuman is an integral part of her entire first solo series, where she bonds with Lockjaw and Medusa, and falls in love with a fellow Inhuman, Kamran.

  28. And also, making anyone a mutant in comics is such an unbelievable pain in the ass. You have to explain why their home hasn’t been crushed by a sentinel or why they haven’t been approached by Brotherhood or by the X-Men. No one needs Kamala wrapped up in whatever bullshit they find themselves in nowadays, it’s bad enough Zeb Wells’ Spider-Man escaped containment

  29. Good lmao I’m so sick of the extremely boring idea that he is or should be the Spider-Man with a good (conflict free) life

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