1. I hate when people use the Greek alphabet like this.

  2. I hate when they use the umlauts like this too but atleast its accurate to some point

  3. I found it! Looks like the company is called RopeLand and has made several around cities in Europe. This one in particular looks like it's the one in Turkey.

  4. Went to the one in Istanbul, can confirm.

  5. Yarrak gibi, hddli laptop mu olur. 1-2 yıla yarrağı yiyor

  6. Laptopla iyi performans alabilmek için en az 50k vermen lazım. Bu laptop uzun süre götürmez. Masaüstü toplasın. Aynı fiyata 2.5 kat daha fazla performans alırsın. Laptop rtx 3050si ile masaüstü aynı performansı vermiyor. Laptopun 3070’i masaüstünün 3060 sine eşit.

  7. I haven’t cached there, but I know many people travel and cache. 2.5 shouldn’t be too difficult, especially for ones with many faves as there will be many clues in logs. In fact, you may be surprised how many higher difficulty caches you have done. Sometimes people also set difficulty a little higher to prevent muggling

  8. Isn't DeepL translate better than google translate?

  9. Yalnız videoda kutu yok amk ya da ben mi görmedim

  10. Taşşak mı geçiyon batu adamın EVİNDE KUTU

  11. İlk defa gerçekten birisi atmıştır diye linke basmamıştım olana bak mb

  12. You were trying to save the shuttlecock, weren't you?

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