The Chinese Balloon Shot Down

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  1. I am thinking the guy in the middle of the first photo knows....

  2. Wonder if we will actually find out what that equipment is

  3. Free fall from 50k feet into salt water definitely voids the Huawei warranty...

  4. Hopefully we can recover some tech from any remains, and potentially get proof of what it was actually up to.

  5. Not with that shot. They nailed the carriage not the balloon. Free fall from 50k feet into salt water definitely voids the Huawei warranty...

  6. It is the retail store management philosophy adapted to tech:

  7. Glad there is nothing better for these morons to do. A text book example of why people are losing faith in government.

  8. You mean the ones trying to use government overreach to ban harmless freedoms (drag shows), right?? The Democrat response is just an amendment to that ban with the sole purpose of making a very much needed point about the dangers of authoritarinism

  9. They are all idiots. Both side. People that shill for them, like you, are just as bad.

  10. I’m a total noob so just out of curiosity, where should one aim in a situation like this?

  11. The tread is another good spot if you have a RPG style weapon that you know will not take it out by armor penetration. If you separate those treads that tank is dead where it is. Easy to kill or capture from the rear then. As someone mentioned just light that engine compartment on fire.

  12. He has T-55 gunner written all over him for the next round....

  13. You gotta go with the Red. I would be cool to see the past again, especially places, that are gone now. The tough part is the emotion of seeing people again you lost with time knowing you will lose them again. I probably would cry for a day straight the first time I saw my grandmother.

  14. Every time I see it I think it is a Linux distro....

  15. My question does the guy have some "insight" on earnings and know what is coming. This afternoon's aftermarket ugliness will pull down Nasdaq tomorrow hard... what is next?

  16. I think they are going to do the "China crosses the Yalu" and send everything they got in waves on several fronts. Pure numbers and try to overwhelm the Ukrainian positions. One report I saw said an additional 500k troops could participate in the region...

  17. Weather will wear and abrade those over time like it does all concrete, but it will take a while. What gets me is the texture will make it hard to shovel and get it clean if this is a place that gets snow.

  18. A. Bitcoin will rally as money moves into it from equities.

  19. B. ETH starts to move down in correlation with the Market as earnings start to tank.

  20. No. People will convert to bitcoin as it is running.

  21. Dear apple pls shid the bed amen

  22. Mortimer, your brother is not well. We better call an ambulance.

  23. and what's going to cause an increase in inflation?

  24. Primarily the factors of an expanded conflict in Europe effecting energy, food, and raw material supply chains, the effects of increase interest rates on corporate finance, and the increasing cost of labor as the base. Secondly as the economy stales the price of goods rise once the surplus is consumed... as prices will rise as manufacturing will be reduced because of the down turn.

  25. I can predict the future: People are going to lose money and complain about it on this forum.

  26. Mullberries is what they eat around here. About the right color too.

  27. An outside bet is the FED has been told or tipped off by the White House to do so... due to the possibility of an energy crisis that they know is coming from the war in Europe spreading at the end of February.

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