Ape historian | Happy anniversary y'all. HDD go brrrt. Old one in the middle and his new 4 friends either side. Does this count as 4 more for the bot?

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Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

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  1. Torn between Trimbath and Powell as the arts that hit funniest for me. Either way - the whole set came out very well.

  2. Biden is such trash. I never believed his pro labor lies but a lot of people did.

  3. He told a union factory worker to his face: "I don't work for you"

  4. As much as I hate the abundance of video evidence of police brutality especially towards black people I am so glad that it exists and is public.

  5. Don't hate the abundance of video evidence.

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  7. 0x92A4002DD1d301A5B200148e7d02e51705BD5492

  8. I would have preferred a red day, personally.

  9. Yes - you made it at the last moment! Well done.

  10. Browse Reddit. If feeling productive, I try and get work done on side projects.

  11. Nina Turner is one of the few progressive voices worth respect. DNC did everything they could to ensure she lost the 2022 race.

  12. Still two hours left to return to max pain.

  13. No worries, techives. What are your thoughts on Merrill, in regards to January 28, 2021? They weren't even mentioned in the hearings.

  14. I think the hearings were not exhaustive in research or scope, a consequence of the bought regulatory system and a rush to present the public with an explanation.

  15. I love to embellish! Helps disguise that I have no major opinion on Merrill's exposure.

  16. Good job. You are finally a record holder and direct owner!

  17. Alright New Yorkers i've officially got everything booked, staying in 522 W 38th Street the week before the tournament.

  18. NYC public library has a great exhibit that's free access and lot of variety. Bonus for the building being beautiful.

  19. Like a green tea latte. Seriously delicious.

  20. Keyhole icon is definitely the logo style I prefer.

  21. Flash forward to 2045 melee. Everyone is just teleporting all over the place.

  22. How should they? I use IBRK to buy and DRS only.

  23. What about all the people who don't DRS or - even more concerning - what about all the shares that are in the 'process' of moving through DRS? Sometimes that step takes weeks and there is ZERO visibility for the investor as to what is taking so long for IBKR to facilitate the DRS transfer.

  24. Well but they need it at the fixed transfer success date. Sorry but I do not care what happens with my shares within the process. If they drop the price by shorting with my shares I simply buy again an DRS them in the same minute. Once they are DRSd I don't even know how to sell them. They stay in the infinity pool until the rocket starts.

  25. I kinda liked the books they pan past in Velma's bookshelf 29 seconds in...which made me expect there might be more mildly-clever background stuff like that coming up.

  26. Scuba Do's and Don'ts hit me pretty hard. Never would have known it without you, so thanks for sharing.

  27. I love a man who is protective of his personal data.

  28. Can we upvote a post with a source instead of a screenshot of a tweet without a source please?

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