1. Isn't every Kang variant supposed to resemble Jonathan Majors though?

  2. It'd be very easy to recast considering how much he is involved with multiverse and variant shenanigans.

  3. Do I need to read anything leading up to this or can I just start reading this?

  4. I honestly would read Death of Doctor Strange and the 10- issue Strange series (with Clea as Sorceror Supreme) that followed, but I doubt it's necessary. It's just that it's all written by the same guy, so there's obviously going to be a bigger overarching story if you start where he did.

  5. My understanding is that this is a disguise form that Normie is making him look like to not attract negative attention from when Norman was Red Goblin.

  6. uh this is an ongoing. at from what i saw of it sales it probably gonna do a good few issues before ending

  7. Does spiderman get any real training? I feel like he only fights off of spidey sense and a nerdy teenager doesnt know how to throw punches or kicks correctly.

  8. Wolverine making out with Cyclops, or Thor making out with CaptainAmerica. It's not actually weird if you know what I'm referring to, but it's weird to say it out loud.

  9. It’s from Nova written by the now hated by MCU fans Jeff Loveness.

  10. Maybe they tried, but it's be cool if they managed to get a bigger comic writer to write for the MCU. Like imagine Hickman or Ewing..

  11. The producers mentioned it was “MCU adjacent” in which the show will reference the movies but they have free reign to do deep cuts to comics (which they have) when it comes to D-Z list villains.

  12. If Jonathan Majors acts like the Beyonder in this show, if rumors are true that the big Kang variant is the Beyonder, then that will definitely be interesting.

  13. Changes between stories. There have been a couple of explanations like serving the Fulcrum or testing species' genetic potential, maybe as a passtime or maybe because of some greater purpose.

  14. The No Way Home Electro is awesome too, you should try to get that bc it goes well with the classic one you have alreadym

  15. What makes all of this worse is I'd STILL rather see a continuation of Ultimate Peter's story compared to Miles.

  16. I'd say just put 616 Peter out of his misery since editorial clearly doesn't give a shit about him, make Miles the main 616 Spidey, and bring back Ultimate Peter in that universe.

  17. Thor 4, Moon Knight, and I guess the holiday specials were filler, but what else? All of the other movies and shows have had direct connections to other Phase 4/5 content, if not the wider Multiverse saga

  18. Even though Thor 4 sucks, I don't feel like it was really filler. It sets up a potential god war, and then introduced Eternity. Of course this could be stuff we don't see again till the next saga, but that's another discussion. And I feel like Moon Knight wasn't filler at all either. It seems like one of those projects that will make more sense in the big picture later on when we see other pieces of the puzzle, kinda like how Thor 2 seemed like filler til we realized it was all about an infinity stone.

  19. Almost every single film in "The Infinity Saga" focused on the infinity stones and had a pretty solid throughline to getting to Thanos.

  20. I agree with most of what you said, but to be fair, 12 films out of the Infinity Saga had nothing to do with the stones, leaving 10 that did. So it wasn't even the majority of them.

  21. I'd read the comic. It's a classic. The movie is made by someone who has clearly read the comic but also definitely didn't understand its themes. It's not a terrible movie, and it's still clearly Watchmen, but it seems to miss the point of what it's adapting. Snyder just isn't capable of the depth that I think Watchmen requires.

  22. Doctor Druid is the only one that should have a St. Patrick's Day special.

  23. ...Is it rude to say he actually does kinda look like mephisto?

  24. Nah, he has one of the best sinister smiles of any actor. Dafoe is up there too.

  25. I just don't like Nova being stuck on Earth for any length of time. Or Amadeus Cho being in a comic I might otherwise enjoy.

  26. no reason for Black Bolt & Scott to be on that team

  27. They wouldn't last a day with Amadeus. "Actually, according to my calculations Cyclops, you're wrong."

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