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  1. "Grok is good wizard. Grok is arch mage of all of skyrim. Grok know 3 whole spells".

  2. While also rambling about how safety should be the most important thing when learning magic just before leading the students into said tomb.

  3. Tolfdir: safety is our number 1 priority. Also look at this neat new passage in this dangerous crypt we didn't previously know about. I should definitely investigate this with this new student who has had next to no magical training. And who I have absolutely no reason to believe can handle this situation at all as i have had absolutely no opportunity to see his combat skills yet. And oh look, there are lots of active draugr with big pointy weapons down here. How neat. That shouldn't be a problem at all though. I shall truly enjoy studying this place.

  4. Wouldn't that erm... wouldn't that leave a line of filth around the room on the wall as centripetal force did its thing?

  5. Somehow I kinda doubt whoever owned this apartment cared too much about filth. Call it a hunch.

  6. fuck no that show is creepy for all the wrong reasons. anyone who says to me that their favorite show is big mouth I immediately avoid.

  7. Oh God I hate that show so goddamn fucking much. Just... fuck that show. Fuck it dead. Then burn it so the world might be rid of that cesspool once and for all.

  8. I am not confident in my sharpening skills( I only have a "stone" -I don't know if it is the right word in english- )

  9. Just keep practicing! Don't use any machines or gadgets, a half decent stone is all you need.

  10. For those just getting into it here is a video that does a pretty good job of explaining all the pointers to sharpening with a stone:

  11. Impossible! Everyone knows reddit is nothing but a bastion of originality. /s

  12. Ah neat. This post always bothered me cause they say right hand but clearly show a prosthetic for a left hand. So thanks for sharing that.

  13. Probably the rupture your ear drums and shake your bones kinda loud.

  14. See, I always take umbrage with this one. Why are we full of grate, like a dang fireplace? Why can't we be full of great!?

  15. Once took a computer literacy course at a community college back when I was dual enrolled due to it being a prerequisite for some programming courses.

  16. Sounds like he was the one who was computer illiterate. There is a difference between listening to music for free on the internet and downloading music for free. Dude had no idea what he was talking about.

  17. Where in the article does it state hit and run?

  18. It doesn't. I'm just guessing. I thought I said that. If it wasn't though they'd know a lot more about who hit the dude.

  19. If that is the case than this article is just terribly written.

  20. I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure we both got brain damage from it.

  21. Yep. Right up there with dad sneezes and dropping things in the middle of the night.

  22. A dad sneeze would basically be a skyrim fus ro dah to an alien.

  23. "More cheap" is incorrect while "cheaper" is. "Funner" is incorrect while "more fun" is. God I fucking hate English.


  25. An introverts wet dream. Prevents anyone from seeing you AND wanting to talk to you.

  26. I also kinda hated how it was done in the clouds like it was heaven or something. Just seemed to not properly fit what I know of the series. I'd have much preferred it if they had really gotten creative and create a truly horrific torture chamber like one you could only imagine belonging in hell for that scene. And yes a lot more pain and blood. As it is its kinda a really boring scene.

  27. More of a southern thing really. My mom is from Mississippi and my dad is from Alabama and in both states cornbread is a big thing. Served with almost every meal. Also there is sweet and savery cornbreads. It can throw you for a loop when your expecting one and get the other. I'm partial to savory myself.

  28. Seems like the type who probably did it on purpose to look tougher. Cause that is one soft face he got there.

  29. Kinda off topic but what the fuck is up with that guys crotch veins. Is he like, super fucking dehydrated or something?

  30. He is very likely EXTREMELY dehydrated to take a photo like this. What? You think just any guy can work out a bunch and look this shredded all the time? No. You have to starve yourself and lose a literally health damaging amount of fat and dehydrate yourself nearly to the point of passing out to take pictures like this. Anytime you've seen a Hollywood movie with an actor who looked super shredded like this was more than likely in a similar state. This is not a normal male body at all. This is a body in a state of extreme starvation and dehydration.

  31. Ever since my first playthrough I so wish there was a way to have omega Chad bulgruuf installed as the high king of skyrim. He's the obvious choice. A man strong enough to have the respect of the nords and wise enough to work with the empire. The only man who could bring about a true unification of skyrim and finally kick the thalmer out of skyrim once and for all.

  32. No no, you’re thinking of the guy that was in a band with Paul Simon

  33. Oh. I was way off. I thought they were talking about a tabby cat who hates Mondays.

  34. That's what they say for the pr. But we all know the real oath is:

  35. It's so high def this time though it almost feels real!

  36. I love his content. Just wish he would upload more than like twice a year.

  37. I especially hate when you read some reviews and realize they are for a different product than that listing. Somehow sellers are able to significantly revise listings to retain reviews but completely change the product.

  38. A lot of the time what I've seen sellers do is create a good product, get lots of 5 star reviews. Then change the product to one that's essentially the same but made way cheaper and is basically complete garbage. So it's now like a 2 star product with 5 star reviews.

  39. Yep, and I tend to get cashback or AA miles if I purchase directly from the company websites. They've been improving on their shipments as well. It used to take like 2 weeks if I order outside Amazon, but nowadays most of them take about a week.

  40. Even then a lot of the products you buy on Amazon with 1 or 2 day shipping still end up taking a week. So you might as well take your business elsewhere. And Amazon used to have the advantage of being a little cheaper than everywhere else but that ain't the case anymore. Most of the time everything is more expensive there than other retailers.

  41. Call yourself she-wolf and mod your game so it plays the song of the same name by "visionatica" everytime you use the beast form. Why? Cause it would be fucking awesome that's why.

  42. I remember seeing that one as a kid. I think it's kinda one of those classics that get referenced a lot anytime a teleporter is involved with anything. Basically the protagonist slowly starts to turn more and more into a fly as the movie progresses.

  43. The point being that the measurements are based off of physical laws of our universe that can be equally, precisely, and repeatedly defined anywhere in the universe. Instead of an English kings foot.