1. This worked for me! Thank you!!! This is one my all time favorite albums!

  2. Always jerk suddenly and frequently with you lower back and try and save your knees from any load bearing.

  3. Same but I also need it to help my body feel better in the am

  4. The way the pay homage to all of their other songs I wouldn’t be surprised if it was on purpose. Also, I agree with the person that made the comment about this band having written over 100 songs. Your bound to have something sound alike

  5. A blow torch is applied to the sugar - a lot like birds

  6. When’s the last time I did a desk pop? “December 08”

  7. Just for today and all days coming after today iwndwyt

  8. this is nuts man i cant actually pick out anything i would change, the mix is sooo clean its crazy

  9. Thank you so much!!! We have more coming out if you’d like to hear more!

  10. Man this sounds really really professional. I don't frequently listen to this type of music, but I really fw it and can tell a lot of energy went into this. The guitars and drums are super hard hitting and powerful, and the vocals complement the instruments amazingly. And lots of respect for creating a super high quality track in a bedroom studio as well.

  11. Dude thank you! We definitely worked very hard on it and appreciate you listening!

  12. Church isn’t real. But I knew that at 14 so I would’ve known already

  13. Really good, reminds me of mid 2000s post hardcore. Won’t be surprised if you guys get signed soon

  14. You got any tracks to listen to? I’m not kidding when I say my guitarist are two of my favorite guitarists. I’m obviously bias as shit! Lol

  15. Damn that was sick! I can see what you are saying too!

  16. Wait until you need to play live/record. The engineer will hate you!

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