1. A skinny biscuit is made with flour, milk and low fat yogurt (instead of butter or lard).; Personally I wouldn't let such an abomination near my mouth. I doubt Tudors has it.

  2. Might be cheaper to book round-trip to JFK and one way from New Orleans to JFK.

  3. As long had you've got a FWD or AWD vehicle the all weather tires should be fine. If you have rear wheel drive you might want winter tires.

  4. The X2 11 speakers are not very good. Tinny.

  5. My 2011 has had to have work on the front end suspension and the AC compressor replaced. Outside of that it rides like a dream at 135k.

  6. I also had to have front suspension work.

  7. I am retiring effective mm/DD/yy.

  8. good luck, man. this tablet has been a nightmare for me. one warranty exchange, same issues

  9. Just to let you know... I got back from HP on Sunday (they replaced a cable) and it worked until Tuesday morning.... So I'm waiting on the packing material to send it back again.

  10. I thought of that. I'll have to pick up a USB to HDMI cable.

  11. File a police report. Call social security. Freeze your credit reports.

  12. I watch DVR exclusively except for sports, which I usually start late to skip commercials (at least for the first half of a game). If that doesn't work for you, the mute button on the remote is your friend!

  13. I remember decades ago I had a Sony Walkman with an AM-FM receiver built in. The flight attendant wouldn't let me listen to cassettes because it was also a receiver.

  14. Did you ever come up with a fix for this? I'm having the same problem.

  15. Streaming TV depends on what channels are important to you. The main players are:

  16. That’s quite possible, but wouldn’t Google let me know? Or maybe “not verified” means “failed verification step”? Didn’t think of that. I assumed that I’d get an email from Google if verification failed.

  17. "Edit account information" sounds like they did let you know. I'd double check and make sure the account number and pin is correct

  18. Account number and pin are definitely correct, but I've changed the address to try my previous (original) address. Will Google automatically re-run the process?

  19. I don't know. My GUESS is when you make a change it would automatically run it again.

  20. Can you get home Internet via wireless (T-Mobile, Verizon, etc)? I check my bill every month to see if they are going to increase it the next month. If so I call ( what was Suddenlink) and tell them I can't afford it and will have to switch to T-Mobile. They either keep my bill the same or last time they actually cut it. I pay $70 for 1 gig. I've been a customer for 10+ years and have never had a late payment-I think that helps.

  21. Is it just a coincidence that the drivers are becoming very vocal about the safety issues of the Nextgen car about the same time the owners' alliance is becoming vocal about cost issues and funding? Me thinks not.

  22. Don't know if you got a chance to go in and eat at that DQ, but it's awesome. My girlfriend and I eat there every time we go to Sandstone Falls. Their corndogs slap toooo hard.

  23. There cannot be a fast food restaurant in the world with a better view.

  24. Thanks for everyone's reports — engineering did notice that some recordings weren't showing in the Library & is currently investigating this. I'll make sure to keep you updated with any info I receive here.

  25. It’s on our ABC station in Maine and didn’t record those two days. This is getting infuriating.

  26. Yes it is. Also an ESPN football game that I recorded Thursday night is not available. You'd think they'd make an announcement that they're working on the issue (assuming they are).

  27. Verizon does WiFi Calling (which is basically Voip). I use that at my house all the time because my cell signal is very poor (and non-existent in my basement). I think it only works on certain phones - Pixels and fairly recent iphones work for sure. You used to have to turn it on via the Verizon website (it's free). Not sure if you still have to do that or not. You might want to check that out.

  28. Just to add on: Me too! Hopefully, it's available on Peacock, haven't looked yet.

  29. It's there but you have to have the paid subscription to watch them. They're also listed on the NBC app but throw an error when you try to watch them.

  30. Just looked L&O and L&O Organized Crime are there, but not SVU...guess they are working on it.

  31. Same here but they are both VOD. Lol.

  32. I was shocked the Thursday Night game on Amazon wasn't in 4k/HDR.

  33. Keep as little gas as you can in your tank, and fill it up all the way as soon as you use it again

  34. Not sure about that. Gas is good for 3 months and I've always heard it's best to keep a full tank so you don't get water condensation in the tank.

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