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C'est magnifique

  1. Thank you man! I usually watch rom coms and sitcoms on my phone, but I am kinda tired today so thought I would rather watch on my laptop. But hey, gotta give the respect some films deserve. Will give my feedback after I watch it!

  2. The only reason they come to Columbus is to taunt the city about no ‘cups.

  3. so tbh i’m a caps fan born and raised, moved here the year they won the cup, but watching the jackets bring out the brooms on tampa was wonderful

  4. posted as humor, the light show was great tonight as it came in and went through. i love seeing all the photos and videos

  5. work office - neutral good work from home - good chaotic since i have them the other way around

  6. if you have an offer letter and a start date, i think you should be good. they will likely do a verification of employment or contact the company to make sure, but offer letters are good. used mine when i moved and switched jobs a couple years ago. have the paystubs still, and the credit inquiry will probably be a soft pull, so it won’t really have an effect, but it will show up on reports.

  7. What about a Batman Beyond series with Jeff playing the old bruce wayne of adam wests batman? do it in the same style as the 60s version as suggested. could be a fun watch

  8. i look forward to these every month, and this one did not disappoint.

  9. I’m pretty sure the airport location isn’t open yet. Things don’t look very complete at their construction site.

  10. can’t speak as to when they opened like OP did, but i went there today. the drive thru was a surprise to say the least

  11. well shoot, might as well throw my hat into the ring

  12. i debated putting one up but didn’t want to break tradition

  13. the skyline of scioto mile for sure. maybe the deer on the bridge?

  14. willy’s wonderland. nic cage as a janitor locked into a chuck e. cheese knock off with killer animatronics like five nights at freddy’s. it was terrible and hilarious and i’d love to see the sins crew tear it up

  15. VV knows he has a glove he can use right?! didn’t see it move at all on either of those goals

  16. A friend made me a version of this with beer mugs all over it. 🍻🍻🍻🍻

  17. i saw the guy posted a coffee mug version here too. definitely need to get some of those!

  18. This second period year has been rough

  19. true as well. finishing my 3rd beer from that period alone. future me will hate me but this team makes me drink

  20. don’t look for me on blu ray i’m not on blu ray i’m too small

  21. had me confused. but my fiancé pointed out that it’s for the emerald city comic con, right?

  22. Not sure of anywhere esp since most races start so early in the morning…maybe we could create a Columbus F1 club?? I would love to meet and talk to more people about F1 and my wife would love it too so I stop bothering her with Max/Lewis!

  23. i would love to see something like a Columbus F1 club be a thing. my fiancé, my sister and i get together to watch them, but having a larger group would be fun too. we’ve done some races where we make food from the host country, so that’s been fun as well!

  24. slapsy maxie’s up in worthington has one. just off 270 at 23 next to the marcus movie theater

  25. which part of columbus? downtown has some as do the surrounding areas. download the gt caddy app and they have them all listed. hope that helps!!

  26. not yet. hopefully the next time they roll through columbus so i can watch that happen right before my wedding

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