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  1. The cover of Dokken’s Tooth and Nail freaked me out a bit. Those monster hands reminded me of the hands that hold Sigourney Weaver in her chair in Ghostbusters.

  2. I bet they also force-close the apps after using them

  3. Honest question - is there a reason not to force-close apps? I have some apps set to track location only when using the app, so I close them when I’m done. Also, I figured not having a bunch of apps running in the background might help performance.

  4. Jon Cryer implying (or kinda saying outright) that the others were mean and snobby to him on set just makes me angry at everything.

  5. Same! Jon Cryer and Annie Potts are the reasons I watch this movie.

  6. I’ve cleared the cache and re started everything with no luck

  7. I haven’t used Express VPV, but finding and obfuscated server on Nord VPN worked for me. The obfuscation hides the fact that it’s VPN traffic.

  8. I’m only 5’5” - I wear them double-cuffed rockabilly-style.

  9. Cone Mills made the denim for Levis exclusively starting in 1915. They closed the White Oak plant in 2018 so that makes it desirable.

  10. Thanks for the link. That was an interesting read and I ended up down a rabbit hole reading several articles on the site.

  11. At my Grandma’s house, it meant you had to kiss the cook.

  12. Etsy has a lot of cool WWDITS stuff- I'd start there for something fun :) What a nice friend you are!

  13. Came to say this. I had a custom-printed card made for my husband’s birthday. And also got him a ton of WWDITS stickers.

  14. When I use espn plus and a vpn it tells me it thinks I’m using a vpn and won’t stream it.

  15. The trick that worked for me is to use an obfuscated VPN. That will mask the fact that you’re on a VPN. I installed Nord VPN on a Fire stick. To watch a game, I start the VPN on an obfuscated server and then start ESPN+.

  16. Am I the only one that actually goes to the toilet to ”make a drop" and then promptly leave? (after washing my hands)

  17. You’re not the only one. There are at least two of us.

  18. They fr had me crying the last two episodes. I loved J and was rooting for her to win but I am very happy for Daniel, he definitely deserves it.

  19. Same. When the contestants who had been previously cut showed up, I could see how legitimately thrilled everyone was to be all back together again. So sweet - I totally teared up.

  20. Also, it sounds like they’re all really great guys. MacKinnon passing to Rantanen in front of an empty net so Rantanen could score a hat trick in his home country is an example.

  21. YTA - the first rule of doing something nice for someone is making sure you’re doing it for them and not to make yourself feel good. You saw in your head, a plan where you were a birthday hero without considering how she actually wanted to celebrate. You let your wife think for a week that you blew off her 30th birthday. She was probably hurt and putting on a brave face. Then, she tried to make the best of the situation with other friends and you ruined that too. That pent-up hurt came out all at once and you had it coming.

  22. The Advent of Cocktails post that’s pinned at the top of

  23. Whiskey and soda, couple dashes of bitters. Even small town dive bars have a dusty bottle of Ango somewhere.

  24. This, with a lemon wedge, is my go-to in a dive bar too. Unless the bar is super-sketchy, and then it’s canned/bottled beer. When I’ve had enough, I order the same thing without the whiskey and it’s still like a cocktail.

  25. I was thinking Ash too. Bonus points for the Evil Dead nod.

  26. Honestly, if you have the time/money/skills make an enclosed shower.

  27. I came to say this - if it’s enclosed, you could even make it a steam shower.

  28. Adding onto this, the Hulu/Disney+/ESPN+ package (if you want extra content for a little more) as well as a VPN - I use Nord and it's like $3 a month. Any VPN service that has some form of an "Obfuscation" server

  29. I just set this up on a fire stick tonight. It worked pretty well after fiddling around to get connected to an obfuscated server in the US. There was some buffering, but it’s an old fire stick. I’m wondering if a newer model would work better.

  30. I’m not sure. I think our neighbor across the street owns part of it, as part of the boat guy’s back yard butts up against her property. The rest of his back yard butts up against the end of our street.

  31. My question is: who owns the fence that he altered by adding a gate? Because if it's not his property, shouldn't that really be the bigger issue here? He's created an access point using land that isn't his. I don't think you're an AH for calling about this part of it. Someone who went ahead and just did what they wanted probably isn't the type of person to be like "Oh, I'm so sorry. I'll have this gate removed and never have my friends park outside of your house. Thanks for coming over and talking to me, neighbor!"

  32. I think he owns the fence, as there’s just a city curb on the other side of it.

  33. When I wore RGP lenses, my eye doc told me that rinsing them with tap water was fine.

  34. We caught the Reeves Brothers at a place called The Bunkhouse not far from Atomic Liquors. I don’t know if lots of Rockabilly/Ameripolitan bands played there, but it’s closed now.

  35. Bunkhouse was a Covid victim unfortunately. Squatters broke in and wound up burning the place down

  36. What a bummer. That place was really fun.

  37. Any kind of watermelon flavored hard candy. I have so many memories of getting a watermelon sucker expecting it to taste like pure summer, only to be hit with the bitter taste of 90s cough medicine and sadness.

  38. Same. My little brother used to get watermelon gum so he could blow that nasty smell at me.

  39. Sixlets - chocolate (made mostly of wax) in a flavorless shell

  40. NTA - if you’re hosting, the menu is yours to set. Your BIL is definitely an AH for raising a ruckus. More so for thinking that ribs could just be cooked on the spot. That’s just a waste of meat.

  41. The Rabbit brand insulated wine/cocktail travel mugs. They’re like adult sippy cups that keep your beverage cold. And the set of four was around $15.


  43. This is the one! Also, this website is my go-to for all thing BBQ.

  44. Thank you! I'm really happy, so often the surprises in a new-to-you house are not so great!

  45. We had our hardwood refinished last year for $3/sq ft. The guy also installed vent covers to match the floors and new transitions. All together, it was $1450 for about 400 sq feet.

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