They say artists document the times. ΔΑΣ artists are giving NFT's away for free. 211 NFT free giveaway of Ryan Cohen, DFV, & Wendy's meme art by Ryan Cohen TWTR liked artist J Dyer Art. First 211 comments completing this sentence "GameStop is _________" get 1. Reply with which NFT you want in pics.

Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

Historical anomaly - greatest in eternity.

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  1. Why attack someone by calling them trans, when they themselves are incredibly anti trans and harmful to the queer community? It’s a backass way of thinking

  2. I didn't know calling someone trans was bad. I'm not anti trans. I am anti her.

  3. It’s not, but you are using trans to β€œget at” someone who is anti trans, and would be greatly offended being called trans. Your using it as an attack, as an insult. That the issue.

  4. Redact me Mithril 0x06c510ea681B194Fb1a11541d9A913Bd9CbDb93b

  5. How did they see the no tag before the initial questioning. Considering he is backed in and tags are placed on the rear license plate for California.

  6. According to California law, all vehicles registered within the state must have a license plate on the front and the rear.

  7. We have a vehicle registration tag that is placed on the back license in the top right corner.

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