I'm in this with you.

  1. jaja es rhcp y como agarro coche si tengo 13 años p. ademas q europa es un continente pequeño asi que es facil manejar a otros paises.

  2. Hay la misma distancia desde Lima a Quito que desde mi pueblito a Bruselas, de hecho hasta un poco más :u, eso si si tienes 13 años te vas a tener que esperar, pero puedes ir en bus cuando seas más mayor

  3. x eso pero su concierto es en noviembre y el lugar mas cercano creo que es santiago de chile, no quito

  4. Tongo gracias a sus parodias, lo han visto varios de los YouTubers más grandes del mundo en todos los idiomas. Y me arriesgo a decir que Faraon Love Shady está un poco cerca

  5. Hasta linkin park lo había puesto en su historia

  6. Hello fellow dutch learner! Just be glad you only have two dads right now. In later lessons your two fathers have like 40 daughters and 8565 sons. I know they're just teaching us numbers, but your two gay dads are going to go broke soon adopting/paying for surrogacy for all the incoming kids. Also, something about 13 dogs and 17 cats.

  7. My favorite part of this is that the equation isn't even correct.

  8. I had just learnt about this(im 14) and I was wondering what it meant then I went to check the comments and I was right

  9. Los comentarios en este post💀💀💀🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  10. Those videos probably say dont bully furries and then they move the camera and it says without me so I dont think he is a chad

  11. Cant stop is my favorite along with BTW. But the most underrated one is midnight

  12. This is my brother but without the tiktok part as he uses tiktok and also he watches anime

  13. Esque a esa edad es cuando se descubre la sexualidad, por eso las morras de esas edades son bi. No creo que sea por moda

  14. You probably listen to shitty pop generic music. Prove me wrong

  15. Thanks for the nsfw tag. Its just too +18 seeing guys without shirts

  16. Most relatable is: "Im so happy cuz today I found my friends, theyre in my head"

  17. Can’t she go to a US embassy and tell them she’s being kidnapped?

  18. She said she is in konya and I guess embassies are in the capital Ankara

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