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  1. Thing I don’t get about Cybercrew is the price of the Clone Cards. I’ve had one since they dropped and the price seems to keep swinging back and forth between .20 and .25 ETH with between 225 and 235 editions available at any given time, despite several editions changing hands each day. I would expect the demand or price to change, but it seems super stable despite several sales taking place. Anyone got any takes on why there’s no price appreciation? With consistent demand you’d expect more than 10 people to decide to hold them long term over the last 6 months or so.

  2. Ive got a few, and ill gladly buy more of I can. Gen2 clones are gonna be sick af

  3. Got any resources for them? I know nothing about them.

  4. Huh. Turns out there’s GME hodlers in Florida too.

  5. Crazy how he buys things and gets them. Edit: this is a jab at 65b sold not purchased.

  6. Not yet purchased. Comin’ for you, Mayo Man…

  7. Robbie tweeted this four hours ago as of this comment.

  8. NFT dividends with a cash equivalent won't do it.

  9. I don’t care about cash value. I want an NFT squirtle.

  10. Why didn't they integrated it in GameStop wallet?

  11. The announcement says “are developing”, not “have developed”. I don’t know if it’s complete yet.

  12. Ok now we just need Robbie in here to talk about it.

  13. While he’s here maybe get him to elaborate on the whole GME/IMX benchmark agreement and where that stands…

  14. This is interesting. It says coming soon if you click sell. Good find!

  15. Oh no, my tits can’t handle another “soon” period…

  16. I wanted to be in the room during the pitch for the most recent one.

  17. I was making a bad joke about his testimony before congress.

  18. Just watched The Whale a couple of days ago. What an incredible, touching and raw movie it is. Fraser deserves every commendation that exists for his role in it.

  19. Ya, how about we permaban Activision and EA from the next generation of gaming? They’ve already proven to be just terrible.

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