1. Congratulations, you just won bisexuality.

  2. Honestly for me it’s because as a bi guy, I’m not romantically attracted to men, I only experience sexual attraction to men. So, there’s like a whole demographic that could have untapped potential for dating, but I just wouldn’t feel right forcing myself to date men seriously when that’s not true to who I am. So I feel stuck with women sometimes because yeah biphobia is extremely real and even “allies” come up with all kinds excuses not to date bi men

  3. It’s missing the cauliflower wings and oyster mushroom burger.

  4. Can you be straight without having an experience? You don’t need “proof” to validate your own feelings and experience. All bi’s are valid regardless of your sexual history

  5. Bruh doms who dirty talk like this make me cringe because all you have to do is say no. Like what the fuck they gonna do lmao. Like imagine using your safe word or some shit and just crush their ego or say “no, why would I beg for that?” or “don’t test yourself, my vibrator can actually make me cum” lol. What a fucking power move.

  6. I saw Rocky Horror for the first time during Halloween and I feel conflicted because how can a movie that literally makes a joke about sexual assault be considered a timeless cult classic beloved by the LGBTQ community? 80s rom coms like Sixteen Candles are often critiqued for glorifying r*pe culture, and Rock Horror shouldn’t be protected from that same kind of criticism

  7. I can’t help but to think this question is coming from a place of internalized bi/homophobia.

  8. The first red flag was him using the word “females”

  9. Your best friend didn’t know you were poly until now?

  10. Ok yeah, that’s understandable. You’re a good friend for that, being patient . Hope it turns into a great relationship for y’all

  11. Every single person has the right to have happy and healthy relationships regardless of their mental health status. I’ve found that people with BPD are such a huge gift to this world because I have learned nothing but kindness, compassion, and patience knowing someone with BPD. Is it challenging at times? Yes, but there is something so rewarding to me knowing I can handle and respect someone with BPD when they are going through an episode. I understand that when my feelings get hurt, which honestly is not that often in my experience, it’s not their fault and I can either let it go or bring it to their attention in a respectful way later on when they are calm. People with BPD are often stigmatized, treated cruelly, and ostracized because of a condition they can’t help. It makes me feel proud that I can be a safe, nonjudgmental space for someone with BPD. As long as you are trying your best and are honest with the people you date, nothing should hold you back. The right people are out there for you, I promise. Your best IS good enough, please remember that.

  12. I hope you enjoyed yourself and that he prioritized your pleasure as equally as his own.

  13. I thinks that 100% normal and healthy to feel that rush of hot and happy new relationship energy :) if I were your husband i would be very supportive and encouraging of you spending time with your new partner. I’m all about compersion, and i would be happy if my partner found someone they have great sexual chemistry with. I would also just be sure to still check in with your husband and also share with him what makes the sex with your new partner so exciting. Maybe there’s some new tricks that your husband can learn from your new beaux!

  14. Dominance = Guidance and Protection. That's the base of it. I would argue you cannot be a Dtype/top (depending how in depth you go with your definition of top) if those two things don't factor into your baseline. They're also, funny enough, the two things I'd say most often associated with positive masculinity. The ability to be a good leader and protect those around you.

  15. This brought me so much comfort to read to hear your perspective on how positive masculinity is an inherent quality of being a loving dom. It’s very sweet to hear that you feel safe being owned and protected a male authority figure - to where even being slapped on the face is an act of guidance and affection.

  16. I want to create that safe, adventurous environment for her to explore her wildest fantasies. The major roadblock for me right now is a lack of confidence in my ability to do that because of my inexperience. I want to be a rock for her to lean on, i want to be strong enough to comfort her after a fucking intense scene, and I want to encourage her to try new things… but it hard when I do feel a sense of ownership or mastery of this new skill that i am still learning. Does that make sense? What do you suggest?

  17. Be direct, but do so respectfully outside of workplace hours. Both for professionalism and to avoid potential sexual harassment concerns, save the “flirting” outside of work. Be direct by stating that you are interested in hanging out (YES, hang out first) with them, then tell them in person you like them if the chemistry feels right. Be prepared for a no, just in case, and how that might effect y’all’s dynamic at work.

  18. That’s interesting, at least from what I observe here in the US, witches are anti-conformist to American traditions and values and often take pride in that fact.

  19. Right now, your partner is stonewalling you. That’s when they shut down and refuse to talk/listen. No matter what struggles someone is dealing with, it’s not okay to treat your partner that way. Your feelings have been hurt and that matters. Instead of being a mature adult and apologizing, she told you are “too emotional.” You did everything right. It’s ok to be concerned about your partner, but does not mean she gets to disrespect you that way. This “bombshell” can be a make or break moment in your relationship, and the advice I would give is to give it a few days before bringing it up again, then go from there. Also, be prepared for the same response from her and give serious consideration whether you want to continue a relationship.

  20. Can you explain why asking how you know is invalidating? Because being polyamorous ISNT like an ethnicity that you’re born with. And asking someone how they know they’re a sexual orientation IS fairly normal, and isn’t insulting.

  21. There is actually a lot of scientific research that suggests being polyamorous is a natural state of human nature. The book Sex at Dawn is a great example. From this view, being polyamorous really is something we’re “born with.” Ideally, I should not have to justify myself as poly because mono people don’t either. It’s instead social norms and oppressive institutions like religion that caused polyamory to become repressed. You can challenge those norms through your own “thinking process,” and for me that was unlearning harmful messages about polyamory to unearth the person I already was. I deserve to just exist without having to constantly validate myself to everyone.

  22. The book Sex at Dawn is critiqued by a sexologists, anthropologists and sociologists for cherry picking data and misinterpreting studies to draw the conclusions he wants. Evolutionary biologists in particular says he has no understanding of how evolution works. Sex at Dusk is an entire rebuttal written about the misrepresentation of citations in it. Even other scientists exploring how monogamy isn’t the only thing in history have critiqued him, like the author of the Myth of Monogamy.

  23. The #1 thing I hate the most about the bi community is people indirectly slut shaming other bis because when they claim “not all bis like threesomes, etc.” they might as well be saying “see I’m monogamous and normal like heterosexuals, unlike those threesome/polyamorous loving bisexual freaks.” Like you can confront biphobia without further stigmatizing the poly/nonmonogamous community.

  24. We say that in response to being hit up for threesomes by people who do think that we all like threesomes though. It's a stereotype that gets us harassed and asked inappropriate things, nothing wrong with pushing back against that.

  25. Read the last sentence, but slowly this time.

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