1. Ardex products. Scrape the loose stuff, clean, prime, pour. Maybe reach out to an ardex rep or a sub who specializes in floor substrates. Either way gonna be expensive, atleast you’ll be covered those ways

  2. I'm a union plumber and BIM coordinator. Get general foreman rate.

  3. Yea I’ve worked in both Boston and VA and I’m not sure how BIM coordinating works for the trades in Boston. But I’m VA it’s outsourced to guys in Bolivia.

  4. That's why it doesn't work. The stuff we do at the shop I'm at now and the last shop has to be precise. We layout with the Trimble, fabricate, provide bill of materials, coordinate with real manufacturer content and resolve tons of issues before they get to the field. But that's also the reason we can demand foreman wage. I dealt with outsourced work from the US but from non plumbers and it was absolute trash.

  5. The coordinators actually weren’t bad and they did the things you’re talking about. The field was the problem and couldn’t QA/QC their own work. Til they realized it was costing them a ton of money then they started doing qa/qc

  6. I used to have PH problems however it was continually getting more acidic (lower). Adding supplements never corrects the problem. My problem was I had too much drift wood. I added some limestone to counter act the tanins released by the wood. Since your PH is high, try adding something (slowly) such as driftwood to level out your PH. Tanin acids are continually released by driftwood, I’ve heard you can boil them out and I personally don’t believe that and have tried multiple times

  7. Yup. I was a PE for WT. We fucked over so many subs. I put an old mans Fixtures company out of business by delaying payment for months. Watched an old man throwing computers out of his office into the parking lot crying, handing keys and signing over company truck titles to his employees he couldn’t pay.

  8. Those fucks gave me an offer for like $30k less than the company I went with. Big blue and white logo all over DMV is the company. I also heard some foul shit bout WT, supposedly they segregated white and blacks on a job in TN poor working conditions for the black workers

  9. Dominion tow company (known for being predatory) attempts to tow all the trucks parked next to the job site.

  10. I’ve been doing construction in crystal city for the past year and I go hmm, this kinda looks like a job in VA

  11. The games are definitely harder all of a sudden, not sure what happened w the unranked match making. No more / no less cheating IMO

  12. Who’s gonna build it. Nobody wants to do this shit. I do it and it sucks and I don’t get paid enough, the plans are seemingly worse and worse on every job with tighter deadlines

  13. Got it Schrodingers real estate market simultaneously not profitable and the worst price gouging of consumers in decades…

  14. Especially w rates rising, who wants to develop. And forget building low income. Shit takes forever, everyone shows up to town halls bitching cuz u know they don’t want that in their neighborhood, allocating funding. Takes 3 years minimum to even break ground

  15. Dude doesn't know when to stop

  16. William not even mentioned you fuking shill lol

  17. Right, I oughta slap this fellow for neglecting him

  18. The heinken on the top left shelf really brings it together

  19. Is this satire? Some of my potta pottys look like a legitmate warzone

  20. That tweets about popcorn. AA makes like 19 mil and has only diluted on his shareholders and would def tell RC to F off for sure

  21. What you just said, is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard...

  22. Lol what would u like me to say. Everythings about gme sure, that better? Rc did the same shit w bbby and yall actn like it aint another related basket stock. Also wtf, brand new account

  23. What makes you think he's talking about BoBBY?

  24. Didnt he put sue in. Also she makes 1.4mil, which compared to other c suite compensation packages is below average. popcorns AA makes like 19 mil...just sayn

  25. Totally about popcorn stock. Guy makes 19 mil and is horrible at his job

  26. Week and a half.... thats ten cents. Hardly call that a killing

  27. Thats about 7mil shares. Found some of the FTDs guys! Also T+6 we gotta see those be delivered

  28. I get it, we got diluted (more outstanding shares and free float updated) However wheres the filing saying the ATM offering is complete? So are we still actively getting diluted that means? Can we expect an announcement that someone bought that offering if it is completed?

  29. Waiting for that and the official R/S vote. If nothing comes along with those filings thats insanely bullish then its likely this will be a long turnaround and no m&a is in place

  30. I did the klepto challenge. Beat the game glitchless with only stolen items.

  31. I’m completely fine with my $2.17 cost basis. If you would have told me after august I could get my average that low, I’d have called you a primate’s uncle.

  32. I yoloed into $1.50 calls ending 4/21 when it dipped to like $1.30 and i thought i was a genius 😂😂its money i made on the last run up to $7 anyways. Praying it prints

  33. My only regret is not paying attention to the lowering of the conversion thresholds. Lol. Could have timed my buys wayyyyyt better.

  34. Hindsights everything. And when this thing pops off merger news people will be laughing saying it was obvious and we were lucky and u wont care about ur cost basis (unless u bought in august)

  35. He’s entitled to his severance package. If BBBY doesn’t have money that’s their problem. Taking hundreds of millions of dollars from investors and half a billion from HBC and still failing to make payments on just 7 million dollars proves what a shit company BBBY is.

  36. company says we’re not gonna just burn $7 million dollars you: what a shit company!

  37. It’s not $7 million at once. It’s monthly payments. But more than that it’s the ethics of it. A company which closes hundreds of stores and fires thousands of employees without severance and can’t honor the severance package of its ex-CEO can’t be expected to care for nameless faceless individual investors. The dilution they are planning will probably reduce the current share price to a few cents before RS.

  38. This dude said the ethics of it 😂😂. My man the ceo was a Wall Street plant, intentionally running this shit into the ground so his shorting hedge fund buddies could make a buck.

  39. this filing doesn’t mean shit😂😂😂. Basically confirmed what we already knew was “gonna” happen. Where I come from, working construction. Saying you’re gonna do something doesn’t fucking matter unless u put a date to it

  40. God this place full of either shills or retards or shills pretending to be retarded. This play is so complex, nothing that Wall Street could or would ever craft and through vast speculation no one here will ever pinpoint. So just sit back and enjoy the show

  41. Pp I appreiciate your willingness to put yourself out there for the greater good and discussion amongst the community. You’re relatable to Howard stern

  42. Stock price x outstanding shares = market cap. Companies can hold more money than the company is actually “worth”. Doesn’t mean the market cap necessarily reflects that

  43. Idk this post is connecting all these numbers that add up to what it’s supposed to add up to yet you’re inferring something else. U need to elaborate

  44. Something something swaps expired Wednesday. Bonus: ceo of UBS stepped down and was brought back in the same week😂😂😂poor sap, hope he’s well compensated

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