1. This is also a good time to mention... labor. Like yes, Sarah, it cost $1.25 in raw materials, but people's time also has worth.

  2. Honestly, I wonder how much it irks her that most of their kids look like Kieran.

  3. I don't even agree that he has 'honest makeup reviews', as long as he's running his own makeup brand, I don't think he can be full honest about other brand's makeup

  4. He also knows that if he's nasty, he'll get more views. There's no true way to be "objective" in this industry.

  5. There are even people actively defending his past horrific behavior by claiming he's changed or explained himself.

  6. I get the concept, but I would appreciate like, a heads up. Like. “This goes in your chart. Would you like to talk about it?” It’s like the “bad view due to maternal body habitus” on the ultrasound notes. Like. What didn’t you see? Was the ultrasound not accurate? The CYA stuff is annoying.

  7. Yeah, I get that. I think for me, after years of "just lose weight" chats or the assumption that I'm not doing anything about my size, I'd at least appreciate not having to hear about it.

  8. Reasonable! After I “graduated” from the MFM at 30 weeks the office called and asked if I would do a study because they didn’t know why I didn’t have GD. I was like. I’m just fat. And old. I’m not unhealthy. Not that GD is a health thing anyway. Morons.

  9. My friend who runs ultramarathons and was in the "perfect" BMI range got GD. I'm significantly larger. I didn't.

  10. fwiw, I'm in Canada and have been to a fertility clinic where my weight didn't come up once. I've even asked point-blank if I need to lose weight to conceive, and was told no.

  11. You think she’s fishing for compliments? Does she want people to be like “wooooowww you bounced back so fast after having your kids!!! 🫣🫣😘😘❤️❤️🥰🥰😱😱”

  12. I honestly think she’s very aware that she has a large and creepy male fetish following and it’s probably why she stopped showing her kids but started upping belly and feet shots.

  13. Valid feelings. My first time TTC I had a 12w miscarriage and then it still took a bit to get my rainbow, but I was so absolutely desperate to become a mother. I would sob thinking about the weight of a baby in my arms and wonder if I'd ever be someone's mom. It was the most depressed I'd ever been.

  14. This has been almost my exact experience and I agree.

  15. Fwiw, I think that’s very valid and I do wish more people with kids were more careful about how they discuss ttc here.

  16. I just want to know who these women are marrying that they can't trust them to buy lingerie from a company that uses models. Is your partner really that much of an immature horn dog? Are they so insecure that they can't deal with the idea of their partner finding another person fleetingly attractive? Marriages aren't ruined by your husband seeing an errant tittie, but having that little trust in your partner can't be great for any relationship.

  17. lbr it’s probably because the lingerie fits awkwardly.

  18. The most bizarre bit to me was when she claimed that she didn’t “really” practice her religion as a kid and that her family just read the bible but didn’t engage much.

  19. I hadn't heard of Abigail Shapiro before. But I don't even need to turn up the volume on her reels to know what an awful person she is. She's condescending af. Look at her eyebrows and smile, so scornful. Yeah, sure, Jesus would have loved this attitude. I won't be able to listen to this podcast.

  20. In the second half Abby basically quizzes her on the Bible and while it is condescending it highlights how undereducated Sarah is.

  21. Oh god I kinda wanna listen. I can't imagine they'd like each other!

  22. Fwiw, HPD is considered enormously outdated and misogynistic by most credible psychologists working today.

  23. Well, it’s currently still listed in the DSM-5.

  24. And there are people fighting to remove it. I think ST could qualify as a narcissist but this particular disorder was almost exclusively used to call women “crazy” in legal settings and makes me uncomfortable.

  25. I think the problem is metabolic generally and not solely weight based. I am technically also in the obese range per BMI but probably just because I am short. I workout several times a week, eat a balanced diet and have normal labs.

  26. Yeah, suddenly the correlation/causation dichotomy goes out the window when they can just blame everything on weight.

  27. Isn’t that what they always do? Doctors are always making shit up, prescribing treatments that aren’t indicated and blaming things on weight. It’s so much easier than saying we actually have no fucking idea!

  28. And yet so many people over 170 pounds like me would take Plan B and they wouldn't say a peep about how it actually won't work for me.

  29. Today she had a story about how she gentle parents through Christ after we were speculating that she used the blanket method on her kids. So yeah, she does.

  30. She knows how to “innocently” capture fetish content.

  31. I really feel like this hair colour doesn't suit her skin tone.

  32. She’s cool toned which doesn’t work with copper hair. I think it looks fine but it’s not necessarily natural looking.

  33. With how much she seems to ignore her children, combined with how much ridiculous stuff she seems to have time to deal with (breastfeeding/ginger hair stories, stupid reels and a bunch of other things), you would think she would have time to trim her nails. Maybe she should get Kieran to help out?

  34. Yeah, the idea that she had time to color, process, tone and correct her hair but not trim her nails is, you know, bullshit.

  35. I think she's perpetually a "not like other girls" woman. She is now officially at an age where her walking around with a newborn is the most common sight in the world. I can definitely understand her getting comments when she was rolling around with two kids at the age of 22, but now? Nah.

  36. I live in the same town as her and almost weekly see her out in public.

  37. Yeah, I suppose that's more what I meant. That I can believe that older women say offhanded things to her, but that they aren't intended as some kind of weird shame.

  38. Fwiw I do feel my ovulation but I also got cramping throughout my cycle with letrozole.

  39. Ah got it. The good news is that this could just be an instance of mistimed cycles. Any kind of opks will work but I’d suggest getting the big box of [email protected] from Amazon especially because you’re starting and will want to test a lot to find your surge.

  40. I'll say two things and then I'll ask one question:

  41. Adding to the other voices: a traditional fertility clinic assumes you're there because you want medical intervention. The most they may offer instead would be straight to IVF if they feel IUI wouldn't be successful.

  42. I’ve done it all. I just think it is weird that all of this time and I’ve only had (recently) one positive pregnancy test (CP). I was on Clomid for two IUI cycles, then Letrozole for three IUI cycles, and then on it for about 8 TI cycles. I ovulate on my own though. Letrozole does seem to dry up with little cm I have. The one CP I had I wasn’t on anything, and it was the one time we weren’t try to get pregnant. I’m just so stumped. And my doctors all won’t give me metformin or dexamethasone for my high DHEA because I am such an atypical case, so I feel a bit hopeless.

  43. I don't want to come across with any form of toxic positivity or "omg it'll happen just relaaaax" vibes. But I will say that it's honestly the most frustrating part of TTC. Two sets of couples could start the journey with exactly the same "stats" and one couple could conceive in the first month and another could take 18 months. So many things have to go right, and so many things could be "slightly" off but not show up on a test, etc. It's frustrating, and it sucks.

  44. TW for mentions of loss and a living child:

  45. I successfully breastfed my first baby and was always quiet about it because I was so concerned I would hurt another mom’s feelings who maybe wanted to breastfeed but couldn’t. Why does she fill her stories with this? She should at least remind her followers even if they formula feed, a full baby belly is the best baby belly. 🤍

  46. Speaking as someone who struggled to breastfeed, I no longer find this triggering. I would have in the moment, but I found a lot of things triggering. For me, what makes this icky is more that her sister is very open about her struggles to breastfeed, and there's seemingly never a consideration of "Hey I'm very lucky that this worked out for me".

  47. I feel like she has a weird obsession with letting people know she’s intimate with her husband. (Like that’s not normal and expected). She sees it as something to brag about

  48. As someone else here mentioned, she's also said on other occasions that she doesn't find sex that enjoyable, had to teach herself to enjoy it, and that her husband wants it all the time but she doesn't. All of those things are perfectly valid ways to feel, but it does make it all the stranger that she simultaneously tries to portray herself as horny and carefree.

  49. It’s not the worst thing he’s done without her consent, according to her.

  50. Unfortunately the TWW is torture because there's really not much you can do. I'd say to avoid binge drinking, taking hard drugs, skydiving, etc. but there are plenty of examples of people who've done any one of those and still wound up pregnant.

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