1. With each other, at least thats what I frap thinking....

  2. I need an alphabetical list, so I know to avoid them, With complete descriptions of what I would see if I were to accidentally click into the sub...

  3. Dr. Jill Biden has a PhD, which stands for Doctor of Philosophy. Dr.Biden legitimately uses the title Doctor. She has never claimed to be a physician.

  4. Exactly, not Dr. Jill Biden, MD... that would be someone else. One I want to learn from, one I want to talk medical stuff with. But facts do not exist in the MAGA-Q world of fox news.

  5. Her friends, that is what you do. Grow the fuxk up, we all have pasts.

  6. Nice globes, on that wine label, but it does not pare well with those chips.

  7. I have the same goal. Unfortunately to achieve it, I had to grow a tree.

  8. She is a creampie expert, has done this thousands of times...

  9. Built by the Army for the Navy seals?

  10. Cheap analog wall clock on the desk does the same thing. Can put several mice on each one.

  11. His shirt says it all. He is an idiot.

  12. Oh he was going to cum in alright.

  13. Unless he is the one swallowing

  14. Say they gonna beat dem Saints....

  15. You don't have a baby, his side peace has been knocked up by him how many times....

  16. They infer there is only one way to screw, ..

  17. Greta Thunberg getting "arrested" at a protest.

  18. Still fail to see how this meme is related to porn addiction? Many men and women want a 3some or "moresome" and they aren't even in porn, maybe haven't ever watched porn. They are your neighbors, some of your friends,, your coworkers.. hell, even your clergymen. Plain ordinary people you see in the store, at the bank, or peeing in the stall next to you. We all have fantasies and kinks. For some, it is having more than one partner, at the same time, which is what this meme is about.

  19. Pegging, Sweet Home Alabama style.

  20. Fisting... pegging would not be her, and a finger is not postworthy...

  21. Still worthy of roofing nails, if I happen to.have them in my driver's door, in a brown paper bag.

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