1. Tell your mom the top athletes in the world are vegan and watch her make an excuse or just deny it.

  2. Literally just saw him in a video today saying the opposite. Wtf

  3. So glad we’ve seen the last of Walker. Watch republicans drop him like a bag a dirt after he loses.

  4. Republican heads exploding, do we lock em up, send em back, invite them in, put them on Fox News, or send them to Martha’s Vineyard. Kaboom! You can hear their little brains exploding all the way from Alaska.

  5. Who are they going to fight? The National Guard is locked and loaded ready to quash any bullshit. The best fighting force in the universe.

  6. Do you really think any government could keep aliens a secret? They have advanced tech far beyond our understanding, but they bow to the US requests to stay in the shadows. It’s absurd. The UAP TickTac was being tested during a military drill. Repeat, it was being tested during a military drill. There may indeed be ETs, but this is example screams government secret program.

  7. Dude seriously this is no fucking joke. I got a 5.5 year old and i can't even begin to imagine the rage this kid's parents felt seeing this video as I'm seeing fuckin red just as a parent and not this child's parent....

  8. As an educator I can attest that this is probably true. I bet he’s a boomer.

  9. I’ve been following this thread for a while now and I have no idea what the hell it is.

  10. No, it was uesd for Buddhist until the nazis took it. Buddhist absolutely do not use this symbol anymore and havnt since WW2. It's a nazi symbol. Why are you so quick to dismiss it? Almost seem personnaly offened that this is being called out. The same thing recently happened with Google. It was a hack done by white supremacist. If you searched "desk ornament" it would be all nazi images. Idk if it's still like that or not.

  11. I lived in South Korea and I can assure you this is still used throughout Asia. Just because you don’t like it, it doesn’t make it so. sorry not sorry. You are very very wrong. No amount of typing can change the truth my friend. I even did the leg work for you

  12. No, there's left over shit on like sewer lids. You also are probably a white dude from like Florida just saying you live in asia to make it sound like you know what you're talkin about. This is a nazi symbol. You know that though. Your name is "tacosteve"

  13. But I saw her on fox. She must be my candidate, said every boomer ever.

  14. I just saw it in another Reddit. You can use your Belt. Thread a strong belt through the lock and make a loop for your foot. Then use your weight to push down on the lock and presto. I’ll see if I can find the link.

  15. Get fired and then sue. Then take the money and live in the car park during everyone’s shift. Get kicked out for trespassing and go home

  16. Let’s remind everyone that being woke means being INFORMED!

  17. The last text message I ever got from my father before I severed our relationship “Socialism Sucks”, he moved to California and had his 4th heart attack, good thing he lived in a democrat state with universal healthcare. they installed a pace maker and a defibrillator, Irony is completely lost on these MAGA losers. Without socialism he is dead, and he’s too stupid to realize it. Or like most MAGA losers, he loves socialism for him, and vulture capitalism for everyone else. Fuck him and his defibrillator.

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