My Favorite Person In The World Is Leaving. (OC)

I'm in this with you.

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Ukrainian Special Forces soldier recovers from shrapnel wounds and marries his partner

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  1. Just think of all the good he just did for his own career. Miami could have ruined his career. Cleveland gave him a shot and he came in and nailed the opportunity. Hopefully this gives him another year or two of starting elsewhere

  2. Here’s lookin at you Denver. Give the meat man some starts.

  3. The Elimination Chamber debuted 20 years ago this month. Feel old?

  4. He looks like he thinks he did something wrong, but is waiting on you to let him know.

  5. 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 omg I love this. He has followed me EVERYWHERE. Even when he has a new toy/treat in one room he’ll follow me to the next. I thought I was just the chosen one, but apparently this is a labradoodle trait?

  6. They simultaneously want to be there to protect you, but also be the center of attention.

  7. She’s chewing a bone on my feet as we speak, and I’d be inclined to assume she’ll follow me to the bathroom when I escape. So yeah.

  8. She’s such a good girl and that dinosaur planter in the background is neat.

  9. Give my mum a massive chunk of it because that women deserves it.

  10. Don’t forget grandma. Grandma loves you and Chevy Silverados.

  11. I’m watching the match right now and just hearing someone give us actual wrestling factuals on WWE commentary makes it so much better. Ya think Haitch is just in gorilla smiling?

  12. It's so fucked up. Shes in a state where she can't be normal anymore, she can only be super drugged up or in crippling pain. Liver and stomach cancer. This shouldn't be the way she goes, shes too good for that.

  13. From one human that lost his nan from this to another, just remember that as she goes, she loved you beyond anything you could imagine, and that she saw you become the man/woman/gender-identity that she envisioned when you were just her little baby all those years ago.

  14. I feel like this Dynamite was beamed in from an alternate dimension where AEW has started on an LOLTNA path and I'm witnessing "the beginning of the end."

  15. Can I argue that in retrospect, that era of TNA wasn’t that bad or to a point, fun and entertaining?

  16. I guess I’m just a fan of bright colors but don’t understand why others aren’t - I’m a new Orioles fan because I just moved to Baltimore this year but part of why I like them is because I love the orange, not really the other way around.

  17. One; welcome friend to the birb family. Two; colorful jerseys always slap.

  18. I don’t understand the hate for these uniforms - the article says Showalter couldn’t stand them when they played the throwback game and another list of “worst MLB uniforms” ridicules them as well but nothing in either article explains why they are so bad. Is it supposed to be obvious? I also don’t hate the all-red phillies uniforms. Why is a solid color uniform so looked down on?

  19. I’m going to assume it has to do with the overall “traditionalist” baseball player/fan thinking they’re gaudy or disrespectful.

  20. A 347 ft left field wall and some thin air will have Trey getting paid and hitting ridiculously long dongs in my mind.

  21. Yes, but in this case, our bestest boy gets adopted from the shelter to live a happy existence.

  22. You know what? It’d be really nice if every part of this continued minus the possibility of eating shrapnel and war and the like.

  23. The Orioles do seem to be the only ones who left the season with their fans happy....

  24. I never knew that before I got her! That’s so funny. Even like if I just go to the bathroom, somehow the door opens and she’s laying on my feet? 😂

  25. ……I’m thinking less sitting on my feet and sadly more head directly in my undies. I love the emotional support, but boy is it awkward.

  26. Yes 😂😂😂😂 that’s my girl too! Is yours attached more so to one person? My girl I got alone and a few weeks later I met my partner so he knew her young too but she’s “my dog” and man it shows so much. She’s glued to only me (loves everyone though)

  27. Strangely between my girlfriend and I, it’s more of a time of day thing. The suns out, she’s with mum, the moons out, she’s chilling with me. She does make friends with everyone though. Truly a party animal if you will.

  28. Y....you got us to bandwagon! We got Mancini! 😃

  29. Mancini vs Lovable Team of Underdogs is a hard choice, I will give you that.

  30. As a baseball fan: Fucking amazing to see someone so pumped up to get out of a jam like that!

  31. Andrade striking me as a real dumbass.

  32. Alberto Del Rio Syndrome is the funny name in my head for things like this.

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