Rammstein show.

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Bc they want people to play the new game with its new Pokémon. You could’ve waited until home came out to the buy the game. Second wave of excitement comes with home compatibility. Then DLC and so on

  2. Mans packed a 600k card and plays WL. Automatically not a causal if you play WL and do objectives(especially swaps).

  3. If he has adhd, this could be related to attention and distraction. It can be hard to focus on more than one thing at once.

  4. He doesn’t neeed be hard while pleasuring her. His focus is on her. Y’all tripping

  5. I built a habit of exercise and it has dramatically increased my libido. 2 years ago I also had low libido. Now I want it 1-2x/day

  6. You’re smoking crack if you think this man should work out after a 55hr work week. She needs a job

  7. I like the Aldi ones better than TJ’s. They come in a bigger package for about the same price as the smaller one at TJ’s (at least that was the case last time I bought them).

  8. I was just about to edit my post to mention that!

  9. User error idk what you did/didn’t do. Maybe add oil? I’ve had a similar thing happen when I started buying a new brand of rice. I use cooking spray on the top and the overfill never happened again. I’d try that before buying a new one.

  10. He wants to cheat on you but it won’t be cheating Bc you’ll be there too

  11. Other than bug fixes, how could you make tera raids more enjoyable??

  12. It is a major height difference. If they stood next to each other you could noticeably tell.

  13. This would stress me out. Reminds me of typing class in middle school for some reason. Very cool still

  14. Spoon sex is great. Don’t have to smell each others breath. Still very intimate

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