1. She should be jailed, but I’d also like to point out she’s not even in the top five for returns.

  2. The important thing is YOU know how it works.

  3. I’ve been told my beard, my eyes, and my shoulders. Sense of humor. But 🤷‍♂️idk. I feel like I belong in a swamp escorting a donkey to save a princess.

  4. When riding, banking on a turn the pedal will strike the ground. also while going over speed bumps.

  5. Speed bumps I try and keep the pedals even, when banking I try and adjust the pedals so the one I’m leaning into is higher.

  6. That's what these dinguses never remember! The confederacy failed, as it deserved.

  7. World of Warcraft has gone on longer than the confederacy

  8. Iraqveteran8888 thinks he’s a Death Knight when he’s really a Kobold

  9. The disgusting thing is people on the right would have 20 excuses to defend him if he’s one of theirs

  10. Full saying is “ A Jack of all trades, but master on none is often far better than a master of one”

  11. Ardipithicines. Australopithecines. Homo habilis. Homo ergaster/erectus. Homo heidelbergensis. Homo neanderthalensis. Denisovans. Homo floresiensis. (These were hobbits!)

  12. Ain’t nothing stopping a friendly brolapse.

  13. No, your basically playing on mobile.

  14. This is the best advice. It’s a variation on the old “a person can stand just about anything for ten minutes”. As long as my brain knows a break is upcoming, I can remain on task. I do half-hour increments whenever I start feeling overwhelmed.

  15. I’ve found Pomodoro timers help.

  16. I once lost my favourite coffee cup. I found it a while later, in the microwave. I don't know how long it was, but black coffee doesn't grow mold fast

  17. When I was a kid my folks would find the TV remote in the fridge plenty of times.

  18. I’m gonna take an absolutely wild guess and say this guys a history teacher?

  19. He was a cousin of a BLM a founder… makes you think.

  20. Sixty 10mg Adderall IR generic is $12 for me. That’s nuts. Sympathies.

  21. That particular example of Rembrandt lighting makes Jordan there look he’s having a stroke.

  22. You know I always felt Americans are a little too close with their dogs.

  23. Isn’t she from the UK?

  24. I remember an ex conservative friend saying he was “fair and balanced” because Tim Pool gave him the other side of the story 🙄

  25. Forget the military, literally all of our society would crumble without taxation.

  26. Highly recommend the book “A Libertarian Walks into a Bear”

  27. They’re just filtering out customers that have a lick of sense.

  28. So does he actually have a cybertruck?

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