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I'm in this with you.

  1. So useful for when you drop it somewhere in the dark.

  2. Everyone and their cat thinks it’s ‘free money’ to buy a house they don’t need to rent it out as AirBnB and collect ‘free money’. I work in furniture sales and see people who have 5, 6, even 7+ houses who tell me their renting plans like they’re the first person to think of this.

  3. It could be if you didn’t buy at the peak.

  4. Usually large engine SUVs are pretty bullet proof.

  5. You’re probably thinking way more specific than you realize.

  6. 12.6¢/kWh - no idea if that's cheap or expensive in the grand scheme of things?

  7. My electricity is around the same price, and I was excited to move in to my home with a heated garage.

  8. Have you ever tried to RMA a drive to them?

  9. True - my avionics upgrade was about $20k. Hangar fees are only $2400/year. Annual is about $1,000/year. Gas is about $3,000/year. Totally worth it to be able to fly down to see my parents in 55 minutes (versus 3.5hrs by car).

  10. For that difference, I’d turn my Lexus into a Porsche and download a nice audiobook for the 3.5 hour drive.

  11. Now get out in the open air, on 2 wheels, and make every piece of pavement pay for their dirty sins (and yours, too)

  12. If I wasn’t lugging passengers and luggage I would.

  13. When applying to hundreds of jobs, I will usually skip applying for any requiring a cover letter. Why bother when you have <1% chance of even being responded to?

  14. Totally. I feel bad he’s had a bit of a speedrun of being reminded he’s getting older.

  15. A wire strung across a parking lot with no markers will take out motorcyclists of any age.

  16. Korean cars are still also rans to Japanese. Yes people are buying Hyundais and Kias, but five years later they learn the mistake they made. My neighbor had a Hyundai and when it came time to change cars he did not get another one.

  17. Assuming the Japanese remain somewhat competitive, and I say that as a fanboy.

  18. Toyota definitely lags in current tech. It’s unfortunate. But they still kick everyone else’s ass in quality.

  19. Oh I agree, by 100k miles my F150 was on it's second transmission, and I was several thousand dollars into trying to keep the engine running right (and not succeeding).

  20. Land rovers are for people who put chihuahuas in their LV bags lmao

  21. To be fair, they feel just weirdly nice and solid.

  22. When a cahsier asks you for your email to send you your receipt, they are angling to make money off information

  23. Also when you say “Yes”, HD Canada still prints a paper one anyways.

  24. Snow blower doesn’t work in heavy wet slush like that, he needs a personal truck with a plow

  25. Eh, I got a 28" 2 stage Toro that begs to differ.

  26. I have to disagree. I have a 47", 2-stage, pto driven, hydraulically operated snow blower on the front of my John Deere 445 that chews through everything. It's chewed through this slop slush snow, airy light snow, dense packing snow, and even ice crusted snow that you could walk on top of. It'll chew up and sling out my dense packed gravel drive to the barn if I push it down far enough. If you insist it won't blow it, then throw the front blade on and plow it. The whole rig will set you back around 5k$ if you can wrench some, or 7k$ if you want a shiny one, which isn't bad for a sweet mower, blower, and plow machine that accepts a lot of other attachments as well. It would do your driveway in under 20 minutes. You can add a heated cab to it for another 1500 bucks

  27. A John Deere 445 sounded a lot more impressive until I googled it and saw the picture.

  28. You're driving 20+ miles in that trip? Doubt it. Over exaggeration

  29. In another comment I did the math, and it'd only take me about 9 miles to burn $3.

  30. Well dang, that really sucks. Where I'm at in texas it's 3 a gallon

  31. Rich rebuilds has already beaten you to the punch

  32. We are going to see a bunch of billionaires make it to like 130

  33. Maybe they’ll finally start to care about climate change.

  34. Seriously- my is300 is 22 years old now and the only thing wrong with the car is there are o2 sensors on- actually, the cooling system is also fucked up because the previous owners put in the wrong coolant the duration they had the car- which also is a testament to Lexus’ reliability. The cooling system, according to my local mechanic, was in the worst shape for any car he’s ever seen; however, as long as it’s full of the right coolant, it runs completely fine. I’ve taken it on 200+ mile trips hitting speeds of 110 and the car runs and cools just fine. Love that Japanese reliability

  35. What's wrong with your O2 sensor? Mine occasionally threw a P0420 code, I did a full smoke test of the exhaust and replaced a gasket where I found a minor exhaust leak but it still came back eventually.

  36. They’re all pretty much dead, which isn’t super surprising since the car is older than me. As long as it’s running fine I don’t care too much haha- it’s a beater car anyways, part of the fun is not stressing about that stuff

  37. That’s how I felt about the beater wagon I used for a while.

  38. Skrillex is the hardest working motherfucker I have ever experienced. He came to SF to lockout 3 clubs, and so hung out with him one of the nights at Mezzanine. I say ‘hung out’ very loosely. The guy works so hard he is barely there. He worked the hell out of the club, then came up to the VIP area to spin until 4am, then drove over to Trilogy studio to work on her a upcoming album. Absolutely constant in motion and a super nice guy. Very grounded even though he was skyrocketing to fame. I had some students that had a group called the ‘M’ Machine, and they let Skrillex crash on their couch between shows before he was famous. Sonny paid it back by signing them to Owsla.

  39. I knew a guy who picked him up from the airport who said the same thing (he was involved with events at a major Canadian university).

  40. As windows 11 was released I used my 6600k with a modification on the win 11 iso to install it.

  41. Wait, why do you need more than a 6600k for it to be fast?

  42. While I agree that this is a very insensitive thing you do CEOs do a lot more than talk to the public about things. That is a job I would never ever want. Zero life

  43. I mean if you like the possibility of being fucking stranded somewhere, sure, run em till they're dead. I'm swapping mine at 5 just to be okay. Not worth the hassle of being in the boonies on a -10 day and being completely fucked on a Sunday afternoon.

  44. If left unlocked my car likes to leave a a bunch of stuff on after shutdown for a while so I get like a week’s warning of weak cranks.

  45. ok, so user1234 likes thirst trap videos, and that is bad for US security? What about buyer4321 that buys keyboards off wish.com? How is that any different?

  46. Imagine you can easily get the locations of all phones with it installed.

  47. And the Philippines. The local NYC Catholic schools and eldercare facilities are all stocked with nuns from there.

  48. They’re basically half of the Catholics where I live.

  49. You're paying for the ability to move whenever you want without it impacting you financially

  50. I have a friend who bought a house and within months had to pay $50k because their foundation was collapsing. There's quite a bit of risk involved

  51. The inspector should have been sued basically the next day.

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