1. I used to do that when I was junior, and honestly I view it as a good move.

  2. Because they're falling further behind the curve.

  3. I couldn't even find a 2023-2024 Prius Prime anywhere near me when I wanted to test drive one.

  4. Here in Canada the only ones available last summer were marked up past the price of a long-range Tesla Model 3.

  5. I bought my M3P 6 months go and I already feel the highland fomo. I’m regarded.

  6. I've owned two first year of a refresh vehicles, one a Ford F150, another a BMW, both were absolute trainwrecks that had constant expensive problems that were fixed in later years. Even left me stranded on the side of the road a bunch.

  7. I'm perfectly healthy and accepted I probably won't last very long.

  8. My mobula 6 also always flys like utter shit. I've changed the pids a lot, both manually and by swapping presets. The preset called "1s and 2s" or something like that ended up being the best imo.

  9. By different flight controller, do you mean a whole different AIO board?

  10. A whole different aio board. The mob 7/8 board is the best that I've used. However I've had two of them arrive broken and the only one I flew lasted a little over a month before it died in the same way the DOA boards arrived.

  11. Update, flashing my ESC with bluejay 48Hz seems to have fixed it.

  12. I've seen one get an honest 3+ seconds of airtime as I watched it fly towards me while doing 70MPH.

  13. No marketing team could ever compete with Ferrari's legacy in car history, iconic designs, Italian flair and most important of all, their clown pitwall.

  14. Exactly, anybody who wants that performance without the Ferrari badge and headache can just go grab a Porsche off the lot and get a better car.

  15. Default for a ELRS Mobula6 analog on Betaflight 4.4, I’ll post them once home. All I did was enable dynamic idle at 90 (tried really low like 40, and it made the problem far worse).

  16. It's 100% on the driver that hit them... but... man, this is just another addition to the extremely long list of reasons to not trust other drivers.

  17. You're only supposed to stop on the shoulder of the freeway if it's an emergency, there are signs everywhere saying no stopping for this specific reason, it's just not safe.

  18. If you fly high enough, they're not audible.

  19. My experience with drones was realizing there's two main categories, FPV, and camera.

  20. This guy doesn’t know that Toyota uses the same exact engine that is in that mini in one of their models lol 

  21. Personally I wanted the fast one, researched the problems and discovered I'd be maintaining a turbo BMW with no room in the engine bay, and bought something else.

  22. The B48 engine is very reliable and usually undertuned. The most powerful version makes 300hp / 330tq. The one in the Supra makes around 250hp.

  23. I guess I'm showing my age, I was shopping for Minis before BMW had made the B48.

  24. Exactly. I’ve got a friend who purchased an EV a couple of years ago and loved it when they drove it around town. Last year she was told she would be reporting to a new office about 300 miles away and would have to be there 2 to 3 days a week or else lose her job. Now she’s having to stop twice in her trip to and from her job and charge up in the corner of a Walmart parking lot.

  25. I recently bought a CCS adapter for my Tesla, and have to say the non-Tesla charging experience is atrocious.

  26. It still takes 20-30 minutes though. That’s to me the bigger challenge if you have a regular commute.

  27. The thing is, the car's charging speed is relative to how discharged the battery is, and charges especially quick while almost empty.

  28. Does the market give a shit if it's had an MCU upgrade?

  29. I got downvoted into oblivion more than once on this sub saying that most US consumers want a car that can go ~40 miles on battery and then switch over to gas on road trips. Toyota is in a prime spot since their engines are so reliable in the infrequent usage use case. Charging outside your house still sucks. I travel mostly for holidays and it’s even worse. If the goal is reduced CO2 and cities start to implement EV only areas this would put a lot of consumers in a great spot of reducing usage while also adopting EVs and increasing charging infrastructure.

  30. I still want the range-extender idea.

  31. Toyota's 2 motor-generator + engine with the eCVT is pretty much the optimal engineering compromise. 

  32. Yeah the one used in the BMW i3 is a 650cc moped engine, and you aren't recuperating any battery power if you're going above about 50MPH.

  33. I’ve heard this before but who wants to store their home’s power on an old clapped out battery? What about the completely dead ones that don’t charge at all?

  34. Well normally it's a single clapped out cell, in a subpack with a thousand cells, in a massive battery pack with a 6-10 subpacks.

  35. Never a good idea to mix new and old cells. They'll change and discharge at different rates and have different capacities, resting voltage etc.

  36. I'm guessing eventually infrastructure will ramp up to the point where we have a marketplace buying/selling used cells, binned for internal resistance and remaining capacity.

  37. So you buy a vehicle for transportation, but a bit of predictable value afterwards could be nice at well. Depreciation makes leasing more risky as well.

  38. Yeah. It’s like a home made depreciation caused by the manufacturer who needed to make sales.

  39. I don't think you can sue just because a price changed

  40. And where would you buy that house which could cover/subsidize your Vancouver rent?

  41. A major interior BC city circa 2020, at least for myself. May have to go a bit further nowadays.

  42. I'd say the whole lower mainland kinda lives under the secondary effects of the Vancouver market, even Chilliwack purchase prices were surprisingly high to me back when I looked.

  43. Price the rent in the ad according to the type of person you're looking for. I hate to say it that way, but an ad for $1200/mo will attract drastically different people than one advertised at $700. Be picky, there's no rush. When you find a good candidate, surprise them with whatever price you originally planned. A better practice might be to lower the rent after 2 or 3 months of paying what they agreed to pay to make sure you still want to help these people.

  44. From my understanding insurance doesn't cover the tenant trashing the place, just stuff like floods/fire.

  45. Same, couldn't afford the extra for a used IS, got a 325i and spent the purchase price in repairs over again within 2 years anyways.

  46. I do really like the etron…and I’m a three pedal loving gasoline guy. I’m not usually a light color fan either, but it’s pretty mean - AND - I generally firmly dislike a red interior, but damn 🔥

  47. I'm also a three pedal loving gas guy, but the problem with EVs is that no gas just changes the value equation so dramatically if you do enough miles.

  48. Same in Switzerland. I drive 70km to work each way. Range isn't that important but in my tuned S5 I spend almost $1,200 in gas per month. That isn't even counting maintenance and consumables. For that kind of money you can easily finance an e-tron GT and spend a couple thousand upfront on the charging infrastructure.

  49. I agree but even if he did, I wonder if he would have any buyers for it. Maybe the place has gone down in value (things in this area are down 5-10% from the 2022 highs).

  50. In the article it says he found 2 people that were willing.

  51. So of I read that right the dude never intended to live there but only to scalp it and resell?

  52. I don't think you read it correctly, he only tried to find another buyer to take it on, after he was unable to afford it due to some rule change in India leaving him unable to sell some property there.

  53. Yeah I'm a bit shocked that everything works considering how lax or frankly nonexistent laws and rules are, considering how inconsiderate people can be. People value their own free will over anything, so I'm shocked there isn't a regulation in a specific dB lvl for cars, a specific brightness for headlights, etc.

  54. They may have bought it like that too.

  55. You're cherry picking the ICE that's notorious for being one of the most expensive cars to maintain. Compare it to a Japanese sedan and the equation changes dramatically. Also you're not factoring the cost of insuring Teslas, which in many places is ludicrously expensive. My quote for a MYLR was $2k/year higher than an equivalent ICE SUV which I ended up going with

  56. I've found the luxury Japanese stuff actually depreciates quite nicely.

  57. Just crossed 200,000 on my BMW and I’ve no plans to stop maintaining it, feels like new.

  58. I'd have preferred if my BMW had things wear out more gradually.

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