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  1. I really don't understand the appeal of "larger is better". Other than being big they don't stick out among the millions of other tits that are plastered all over Instagram and everywhere else. If we're gonna compare with what's popular they're below "average", they're flat and about as unperky as you can get. Now I'm not saying I would be unhappy if I had them myself or had a partner with similar ones, but just comparing in a shallow and bonerbrain way I really don't get how they're anything to write home about.

  2. You have no idea how emotional some of us get seeing Messi score, even though I’m a Brazil supporter I always cheer for Messi, World Cup is a special event I love seeing people connecting with each other from the other side of the world.

  3. You think they’d waste their energy on us if they could? We’re a piece of shit we don’t even deserve to get killed by A.I, they will just block us from leaving the earth and we’re trapped in our own shithole and die because we ruined the planet ourselves.

  4. Will you dare escape this Toilet Earth, self-loathing Earthling?

  5. Escape to where exactly? In my lifetime humanity will not advance far enough to live on another planet comfortably, Earth is the best chance we got and we took it for granted.

  6. Return to sender is a trap, if you build breach cutter right it’ll kill most things in one shot, definitely not oppressors but you shouldn’t waste bc on them anyway, just go behind and pick axe their ass, I can see the argument of return to sender on elimination but even then light weight breach cutter will outperform all overclock because it gives you so much ammo.

  7. Hyperpropellant, hyperpropellant, fat boy, hyperpropellant, hyperpropellant, hyperpropellant, and hyperpropellant

  8. Hyperprop is overrated imo, light weight breach cutter can do everything hyperprop does, and it also clears the swarm which hyperprop can’t do, even on elimination I’ll take breach cutter because you don’t have to aim at their ass and sometimes miss, breach cutter won’t ever miss, but I do love how hyperprop insta delete certain things.

  9. Had that experience at a movie theater last night. A food delivery robot was in the hall after our movie let out and it said, “My battery is critically low. If you are a human please help me recharge.”

  10. You're definitely on some hit list when robots rise to power, just pray you don't live that long.

  11. After his failed suicide attempt, Stalin remarked he couldn’t even shoot straight.

  12. "I'm a conservative Muslim", yet here you are talking to a "half-naked" lady 🙄

  13. People who say "ignore the critics, make up your own mind" are fucking morons. I do not have the time and money to see every movie released even in my moderately-sized city. Even if I was pirating all the films, I still wouldn't have time to watch every new release (and why would I restrict myself to only new releases when I have the entire history of cinema to choose from?). Reading/listening to reviews allows me to make an informed decision about what's worth using my finite resources to see.

  14. Nah it isn't even that. We missed some morkite just cause the tunnels were way too dark. You'd be amazed how much you miss without a scout

  15. You played 3 complexity mining mission without a scout? That’s gotta be annoying af, those caves are huuuuge, and you can’t see anything up above those walls without scout’s flare.

  16. I know what fatboy can do, but you only have 5 nukes, if you use them to light up the cave and mine minerals, then you're gonna be dead when haz5 swarm hits.

  17. How about the occasional ten meters inside a random wall? Those are always a good time without a driller around.

  18. Those are very common in point extraction, I failed a haz5 PE a month ago because the drop pod was inside the wall, I was a scout and my drillers and other teammates were dead long ago, I tried and revived them after seeing that drop pod location on terrain scanner but they died after 10 seconds of reviving, I failed to dig to the pod because of it was haz5 PE.

  19. Autocannon is one the best ammo efficient weapon in the game, if you use neurotoxin overclock then you can even skip a resupply.

  20. Well, you're supposed to seed a torrent back 1:1. Right? Maybe 2:1. But if you're using a box(which I'm not saying you are) and seeding to say something like 30:1, then you're overseeding and actually hurting the swarm and the people who need to make ratio.

  21. I understand that, but 95% of my torrents are from public sites, I only use 1 private site and there I have the same issue you’re describing, I can never seed there because I can’t compete with people who have seedbox which I don’t, but if my torrents are from public sites am I really hurting anyone by over seeding?

  22. You over seed, which isn't good for people who need ratio or has low speeds. Just sayin

  23. Wait, how is that? Please explain, I'm genuinely curious.

  24. You're visiting at the perfect time lol, don't get homesicked if you see tons of Brazil flags everywhere, we love your football team so people show their support <3

  25. apparently shoving a miswak up your ass makes you pregnant

  26. Hollywood horror execs: write that down, write that down!

  27. Letterboxd pro is like pay money to feel bad about yourself lol

  28. Hey there’s no winning. Either you’re basic for watching all of the films from the greats in cinema or you’re not a real cinephile if you haven’t seen Spielberg’s, Scott’s, Carpenter’s or Marty’s filmography. Pick your poison.

  29. I’ve only watched 1 film, it’s Morbius (2022), and I’ve been morbed ever since 😎

  30. Yeah let me go have some fun by drinking alcohol and then I will treat women better

  31. I haven't seen a single women supporter in Qatar and KSA games, even the videos of KSA fans jumping around after their win against Argentina are all men, you treat women like second-class citizens in your part of the world, please shut the fuck up.

  32. Disney’s Groot in the hands of a porn director.

  33. "I could have done more"—Martin Scorsese when asked about his role in sending millions of MCU fans to the camps

  34. I think it’s a penalty, Suarez’s hand changed the direction of the ball.

  35. But it's a helpful bug, just like the cave angel.

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