1. I've preheated my car this morning at -30C. Drove 105 km from my cottage to my home. Power usage was averaging 224 Wh/km. No where near yours, plus, at a higher average speed (75 km/h), higher inside temperature (21C) and much lower outside temperature (-30C at start, -28C at home).

  2. 224 is also pretty horrible, but yes not as bad as mine.

  3. For a fricking minus thirty? I don't think it's that bad.

  4. They do, and it's not enough. Tesla has a HP for a reason.

  5. Indeed but if for example the HP can extract heat for down to -10C (I believe that's the lower temperature Tesla's HP works at) and scavenging the heat from the drivetrain brings the coolant temperature from -12C to -8C, that's still some heat you that would have been wasted that the HP can use.

  6. This seems a non-sequitur to the claim HP makes no diff in winter efficiency.

  7. Hopefully you read through the end of the article where they give links to three YouTube videos. These explains well the modes of operation of Tesla's climate system.

  8. Is this an American thing, nozzles that lock and fuel your car whilst you stand around? I've just never known this in UK, we have to physically hold down the trigger on the nozzle whilst filling.

  9. Locks are removed for self serving stations here on Canada (at least, those near me). Putting the gas cap through the handle works though. Useful when it's freezing and you forgot your gloves.

  10. Let me see if I get this right. With this price increase is now more expensive to charge my car than it would be to buy gas?

  11. Same here in Canada. Ottawa-Toronto round trip is $60 (and that includes Supercharging in Toronto). It cost at least twice as much in a comparable gas car.

  12. Odd, this is my 105 km drive this morning at -30C (but ended at -28C). According to this, you should have made 220 km. I drove at 21C with my coat on the back seat.

  13. He was probably using EA and not pulling up on the handle during communication. Rookie mistake.

  14. I doubt he's a rookie at fast charging. From the article:

  15. You can fit a hangar in your car? Damn!

  16. I like when regen kicks in without a delay (B mode in Nissan leaf) as opposed to letting go and then waiting for regen to kick in (Tesla).

  17. What's not clear to me is if it's green indicating region, how do I know if that's pure regen or if it's blended with some friction braking.

  18. Green is pure Regen. Once maxed out and more braking is required, what follows will be grey to tell you it's the physical brakes doing the extra braking.

  19. What year is your Model 3? If sooner than mid year in 2021, it's probably just a swap of the charge port controller that takes 10 minutes to do. It's an over the counter part buy and you can do it yourself. If it's older, you'll have to wait for Tesla to say it's your time to upgrade if you wish to, or buy a special cable but that's get a bit more complicated.

  20. Yep but I think Tesla have a specific CCS compatible board that is a direct replacement to yours.

  21. That would be nice. BMW has done this for a while now.

  22. So BMW talks between them so when in autonomous mode they can avoid potholes?

  23. Not specific to any autonomous driving. You'll get an alert in the instrument panel that there is debris in the road up to a half mile early, IIRC (been a couple years since I had my M5). I'm referring to the communication between vehicles.

  24. Oh, so similar to that Waze does then? How is the debris reported? With Waze, it's a manual process that technically it shouldn't be done if you're alone in your car.

  25. Your best option once they're out, is to find someone who will have bought one and see how much money it will take to sell it to you.

  26. That's the result of a fully cold soaked battery pack. The Pack needs to be at 50C (122F) to see ideal charge rates. You'd have to drive for the better part of an hour while preconditioning on the way to a supercharger to overcome the thermal inertia of a pack under 10C up to 50C

  27. Yeah, it's no price war but a price that the Tesla should have been selling at if the demand last year wasn't the crazy it was.


  29. We have two cars where we would usually share the load between them, but since owning my Model 3, I've put about 95% on it while the ICE vehicle sits there with fuel stabilizer in its tank. So our 15K km load per vehicle is now 28K / 2K km.

  30. Great idea putting a fuel stabilizer on your ICE vehicle. I’m going to do the same on mine too since it’s just sitting there also.

  31. Make sure you run it a bit and do some tire warming lap (ie, move from side to side) to mix the fuel stabilizer with the fuel and it has time to reach the injectors.

  32. Twice a year (when changing between my winter and summer tires) but I put them back the next time around. Helps with the longevity lol. Winter one gets damage by sweeping over ice stuck to the windshield and summer one gets damage over time by the sun. The fact that they are recessed helps though. They're not always been hit by the sun. They usually last two to three season change before they streak (winter) or becomes too stiff (summer) that they don't fold back the other way when sweeping back down.

  33. It’s simple but phone key and never having to turn the car on/off. Walk up, it opens, get in and drive. Put it in park, get out and walk away, it locks. Simple but so so effortless

  34. I use my ICE car so seldomly now that I always have to sit back down to shutdown the engine because I keep forgetting to turn it off when reaching my destination lol.

  35. I have a 2021 LRM3 w/ matrix headlights before they put it on pause and I can honestly say I never know the difference. Maybe if someone points it out to me in a side by side comparison I can see it, but just put in the wild and performance wise I don’t see the benefit (yet) as I understand they’re more capable than the current form

  36. They write "Tesla" on a projected surface in lightshow. That's basically all they are good for for now. The real use, if it's ever implemented is to shutdown the "pixels" that shines at incoming cars/pedestrians so not to blind them but still allow great visibility all around.

  37. I wish that was the case where I live (California). I did a 400 mile drive in my 40kWh Leaf and the only place I felt safe going under 75mph (120 km/h) was behind trucks in the slow lane.

  38. And some people lost their shit in a post a few weeks ago when they learnt that AutoPilot and FSD allowed to set the speed to a percentage over the max speed.

  39. Waiting on them. They said it can take up to 30 days. I'll post if I get anything.

  40. Wait, what? Where do they get the pilar camera recording from?

  41. Not at -8C, see his other post where he states the temperature.

  42. No sarcasm at all. I figured you weren't aware hence why I pointed it. I'm also "stuck" in freezing temperatures for a few months and would love to be able to use ONR instead of having to go to a manual car wash.

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