1. I did something really similar for my wedding and just bought a cheap carport like

  2. I've looked into carports but I can't find one with a flat top. I'm trying to go for that style.

  3. I think I know what this school is, and I'll be matriculating next year. 10% is insane for how prestigious they make the school seem. Were most of the SOAP-ers from competitive specialties? Do you mind if I PM you?

  4. Who wrote you the letter of affiliation? Assuming they are a professor at a university, you can work with them to prepare the IRB application. Generally IRB approval would come from the institution you are already working with.

  5. So my host university in my host country does not have an IRB. They have an ethics board which all research has to go through.

  6. This is awesome! What template on WordPress did you use?

  7. I’ve found tutoring and babysitting for physician families to be a good way to earn money - they pay me very well, partly because they’re attendings and partly because they know what it’s like to be a med student. I posted in a local physician FB group offering tutoring

  8. xypw says:

    You basically just need to be part of a group that is underrepresented in the sciences, which, seeing you’re a second-gen immigrant, I assume is the case. Here’s a link where you can see all the universities which have a PREP:

  9. Do you know of non-URM post-bacc programs? I can only find Mayo GREP and NIH IRTA.

  10. Apply to any and every program you interested in. NIH IRTA, NIH PREP, Rockefeller RA, NYU RA, etc and see where you get in. NIH is good for MD/PhD since you get great research experience and you have opportunities to shadow/volunteer at the NIH Clinical Center or Johns Hopkins Suburban Hospital (COVID9 may have affected these plans). Talk to the PI of the labs you are interested in at and see if you are a good fit.

  11. What is the NYU RA program? I can't really find anything online, other than this:

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