1. I work at a local thrift and would like to know where all the people are shopping who are mad because we throw out so many clothes each week it's disheartening. Now we do recycling and donate to churches and what not but there are so many clothes donated constantly. Every week we are ragging out perfectly good clothes some new even still with tags.

  2. Why not sell them online on top of the brick and mortar location? That being said it would need to be in fashion brands.

  3. I'm talking about hundreds of items every week. We don't even have enough employees to sort. It wouldn't be possible or worth the time and effort/labor. Also where are we going to keep all the items until they sell? We already have no room and tons of storage units. We do all we can but bulk recycling ends up being the best solution.

  4. Santa never brought this guy a horse and he never got over it

  5. Yes! My chest muscles are tight and pulling everything forward I feel like. I use a massage gun and it helps but I'm still struggling with the same issues.

  6. I can’t even call myself a seller yet! I just started my shop in December and have made one sale…I am willing to put in the effort but all the posts on this sub are making me wondering if I will ever make a legitimate sale.

  7. I feel you. I started a few months ago and I've had only a couple. Trying not to be discouraged!

  8. If I think in my head "Im going to take a hit from my bong" I then have to sing the line "hit me baby one more time"

  9. Hush- the Maria's /still woozy Kingston-Faye Webster And for some reason too much by the spice girls has been on loop in my brain for two weeks

  10. I work at a thrift store and the amount of clothes we HAVE to get rid of every week is insane. Perfectly nice items with tags even. And yes even cute things that are trendy and vintage too. If it isn't gone in a couple weeks they recycle. There are so many clothes each week and there's just not enough room. I'd rather anyone buy something than what ends up happening which is recycling or trash. We have several people who resell in different stores around town even mostly vintage but a lot of the time those items need a lot of work and knowledge to know about the items find them clean them properly and restore/repair them. And that's a service so why shouldn't they charge more than what they paid.

  11. I have found my triggers include caffeine, alcohol, dehydration, stress, stress from just anticipating an episode, muscle strain, sleeping with a pillow but also not sleeping with a pillow, yawning too much or chewing something too chewy, whenever I have sinus issues including when the weather changes...one time I cracked my neck and had a headache for three days. Also pms. I don't wear a CPAP but I do struggle with anxiety, ADHD, and depression. It's pretty hard to avoid but lowering my stress and taking medication helps but I still have a bad episode at least once every 3-4 weeks.

  12. You’re saying these are your triggers of TMJ. I suppose my question is how is this different from Trigeminal Neuralgia? That’s my confusion because what you’ve described someone with Trigeminal neuralgia or sinus issues typically has

  13. To my understanding TMJ refers to the joint and TMD just means temporomandibular disorder referring to I guess many issues of the TMJ.

  14. I have found a lot of people who don't have ADHD have a really hard time truly understanding what life is like for us. I think that these things we struggle with come so easy for them that they cannot comprehend what the issue even is.

  15. It really is in great condition. Just missing one of the buttons on the very bottom but because it's so dark its not very noticeable.

  16. No info from me besides that I want one real bad now

  17. I have both and it has never been any kind of issue for me, especially since I medicate with them at different times of day. I’ve heard of doctors having a problem but mine has never said anything to me. I did get the adderall script before I got my medical card though. Maybe that helped.

  18. Have you told your doctor you got your med card at all? If they are cool with it would you mind messaging me with the doctors name?

  19. i hate to be blunt but nobody cares. everybody has gotten this message

  20. They just said they are new to selling. If you don't care why even post.

  21. I've never seen any f21 labels like this it looks like an Fj? Fubu Jeans come to mind but I'm not sure.

  22. I had to check back where I originally got it from to even realize that it was forever 21 because I also thought it was an Fj and I also thought fubu jeans at first too lol

  23. I. Am. STRUGGLING with this very thing. I'm in therapy and not sure my therapist truly understands just how deeply rooted these feelings are in me. She makes a point at the end of every visit to tell me I'm doing a good job, and I don't believe it. I'm trying to.

  24. Also in my 30s and there are people even older than us still being diagnosed. Growing up my parents were not supportive and criticised me constantly for my symptoms. Also I started from a young age making friends with people who used me right out the gate. Never knew any better and always got picked on in school.

  25. I think it's knots in the muscles. I get these too all over my face, neck, back. I've been pushing really hard on the tender spots and it's honestly been helping even though I know it sounds weird. And I've learned how to stretch the muscles in my face and neck and ive realized my jaw doesn't open properly because all muscles are so incredibly tight( I clench and have anxiety) That's just my experience so far I've been getting headaches every week for a few years but I've been stretching for a few weeks and I already can open my mouth better and I haven't had a bad headache but it will hurt if I over do it on the stretching.

  26. I don’t really want to push on it, because I don’t know what it is..but it feels a little bit like it’s stretching along, when I put my neck in farthest stretch position. I have an MRI for (probably?) unrelated issue in 2 weeks so if it’s something fucky they’ll say

  27. Totally and I'm no doctor it just surprisingly helped me. I read a few people on here say it helped and I always thought no way not doing that. Obviously depends on what's causing your TMJ . I also use one of those canes to put pressure on the ones on my back. Hope you get some answers my friend.

  28. As a female who has ADHD I have in fact been overlooked or not taken seriously by health professionals my whole life. Now in my 30s and getting on meds but was initially put on an SSRI and then on Wellbutrin (but only when I insisted because I hated the Zoloft he prescribed and again he wouldn't let me have a stimulant).

  29. Klutch, botanical? I’ve never seen anything from them that says botanical.

  30. Yep that's what they told me up at the Botanist. The only people I know that use botanical carts don't really use them medicinally. I wish they would just put that they are on the menu to avoid confusing people.

  31. I've been struggling for years and finally have been on my journey to figuring out the cause of my TMJ. It seems chronic stress, untreated ADHD/anxiety/depression and ignoring the signs my whole life have ruined me.

  32. I’m not a fan of Larry Cake at all. I do not recommend it if you’re looking for a cake strain. For me it feels way closer to a sativa than anything. That’s not what I’m looking for in a cake strain. Was really disappointed.

  33. I realized my decade long habit was me self medicating for undiagnosed mental illness. Therapy is for everyone and can help guide you through the tough times either way. Good luck!

  34. I went from Zoloft to bupropion and the first week I got a lot of anxiety but it wasn't too long before I felt normal. I've been on it for 8 weeks or so now and I'm never really hungry. I find that if I don't eat a good meal when I take the pill I get a stomach ache and acid reflux.

  35. I usually prefer to see something on a mannequin because I feel like it's easier to see any imperfections that are usually hidden when someone is modeling it. Why does depop not like mannequins? You would think they would want the clothes accurately shown. Do you just mean on the front page? I'm new here on depop so idk. I think the unedited version looks nice 👍

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