1. Just a Clipper fan stopping by to give Hartenstein some love.♡ You guys got this!!

  2. Kawhi smiling with Pop so wholesome so beautiful 😭😭🥰

  3. I’d trade our roster for 5 of those San Antonio women.

  4. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  5. Noooo, it has to be the monsters, you saw what they did to Sir Charles!!

  6. This is so much more fun than the 1st half, like thank you for this energy, we were so thirsty.😭

  7. I'm like so frustrated, it's like John Wall gets in and the game kinda goes to ish. I wish he would just pass the ball sometimes.

  8. What happened? I'm streaming on KTLAs site and it's cutting in and out

  9. They were playing "simon says" and some a guy and girl won and he went in for a hug but she was already walking away.😅

  10. I think because of the way the other cop was acting about the security footage makes me think he was a cop. You absolutely did the right thing by not getting out of the car when John had “car troubles”.

  11. Throughout the years that has been my train of thinking too, or like he was trying to protect someone he knew, which makes it even more scary.

  12. Of course ❤️. You survived. I remember my mom telling me some very scary stories when she as a young teenager hitched at 13 until she was in her twenties and then her best friend was murdered. Her best friend was murdered Marcy was murdered by a man named Casey Nowicki. She cried every year and would look through old newspaper clippings about it at the library. Unfortunately Marcy Jo Andrew’s would never get a burial.

  13. Oh no, it's okay!! Oh my goodness, that's so terrifying. I read the court transcript last night and i just cannot imagine the feelings and emotions her and her friends and family went through while hearing all of it, and the fact that if one of the men would have called the police when they saw her in the condition she was in, she may have been saved.

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