WIBTA for going to a college football game instead of staying in town for my wife's birthday

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  1. Anyone get the feeling that the “ex’s may have had a little help with becoming “ex’s from a certain friend, who is jealous and just as toxic as OOP claims the ex’s are.

  2. Answer: an out of context clip went viral and everyone chose to pounce on it as a clear example of "racism" and "Karen"ism. The "story" was a black man paid for a bike and a white woman was trying to steal it from him saying she paid for it, wrongly.

  3. Well maybe she was done a huge favor. She might be labeled as a Karen for a while but the lawsuit she'll win against her job will pay for her to move wherever she wants

  4. Unfortunately many won't have seen she was vindicated and her reputation will probably be tarnished for a while. I really gets some compensation over this.

  5. ... OOP posted on Reddit and it got picked up by a TikTok account that just happened to come up on his sister's algorithm?

  6. And it came up on her algorithm less than 24 hours after he posted to reddit. What an amazing coinkidink!

  7. OP thinks going to college (almost a decade ago) is a personality trait.

  8. Tell me you peaked in college without telling me you peaked in college.

  9. Yikes. It seems to me you can't win in this scenario. She's going to wear you down until you finally snap and break things off, then she'll tell you she knew you were going to break up because she's not hot enough.

  10. What happens when your daughter and son visit, with family, at the same time? Do you have an infinite amount of rooms to accommodate everybody? YTA and this is a ridiculous rule that would make anyone feel unwelcome in your house. I would've done the same as your daughter, as would any sensible person.

  11. I thought the title meant OOP trash-talked about the present, I wasn't expecting that he meant he literally threw it in the trash LMAO

  12. That made me wonder how genuine the apology was. Planning a wedding can be stressful but newsflash, decent people will stay decent althought a bit more stressed than usual. You don't just turn into a bridezilla.

  13. It wasn't genuine. At all. I would not be so quick to forgive them and I'd probably skip the wedding. It took the threat witholding payment for them to apologise? Yeah, I don't trust that apology one bit.

  14. I love when cheaters get mad over their ex-partner moving on and dating someone again. I hope OOP's mom is miserable over this.

  15. If you had said that to me, you'd be single immediately so you could have more "fun". I don't know why your BF hasn't broken up with you already. WTF did you expect by telling him that? Why even bother being in a relationship?

  16. the one where a guy regrets ending his friendship with his best friend because his girlfriend didn't like the fact that his friend was an orphan.

  17. Exactly. A check in with the sister "hey, your fiance told me some pretty brutal stuff about his past, are you aware?" is absolutely fine. Even a "lmk if things take a turn/you or FBIL need some help in the future" wouldn't be completely out of line.

  18. I may be alone on this but I think OOP was hoping bringing that information to her sister would break them up. I think that was her desired outcome. Since her sister already knew about her fiancé's past, she had to rally the entire family behind her.

  19. Thank you for this update. Is it possible for future updates to not have to scroll through walls and walls of comments to get to the update?

  20. I include comments to highlight the opinions of fellow reddit users who offer their judgement. Also, sometimes OOP offers further context in the comments. I appreciate your feedback, though. I personally like reading the comments.

  21. That final comment was absolutely spot on. Even in his last update, he is so self absorbed and barely even mentions his children.

  22. Somehow it's all about this sorry excuse of a human being.

  23. I have come across a fair share of assholes in my relatively short time on reddit and this guy has got to take the cake. His poor wife was a pit of depression only made worse by his words. I cannot even imagine her despair as she was very clearly begging for help and this piece of garbage just stood there and had the audacity to cheat on her. And then, just as she crawls back out of the depression hole, her world is shattered. This guy is a grade A piece of shit. I saw lots of comments telling him to leave her so she can find a man that deserves, but he may as well have killed any faith in men she had left. I really do hope he makes the divorce process quick and painless, but my expectations are very low, judging by these posts. Fuck OOP.

  24. Dude that was my exact thought reading this part:

  25. I've read enough posts about open relationships to know OOP's husband would be fuming the moment he realised she was seeing someone else.

  26. What are the odds that this dude would have started acting out, out of jealousy, if OOP had agreed and slept with someone else?

  27. I know, right? Cheaters really have shit for brains.

  28. I had an ex try to minimize her cheating because it was with her ex-husband. I laughed and asked her if "She was really that fucking stupid?" Somehow my dis-respectful words were worse than her dis-respectful actions. Mental gymnastics at its finest.

  29. Dude, YTA. I am a huge fan of LOTR, I can't sit for 9 hours straight (more even, if I'm watching the extended versions). She told you she isn't into the movies. Just like any other movie, LOTR is not for everyone. You can't expect your girlfriend to enjoy something she already told you she's not into just because it's your B-day.

  30. These parents be like: "My son won't talk to us and I have no idea why."

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