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  1. Loved Lee & Dee's (St. Paul) back in the day but they're enjoying a hard earned retirement. My current favorites are Firebox Deli and Revival. I don't care that they're not 100% any locale's BBQ. They just do a damn good job with the meat.

  2. Agreed on firebox and revival as being the best in St. Paul, but nowhere is amazing knock your socks off BBQ that I’ve found for ribs. I prefer more tender ribs.

  3. Louis CK is both 100% correct and the absolute worst person on earth to be arguing this on TV

  4. When it came out all the stuff he did I was just like… yeah I could definitely see that

  5. I have no idea but anytime I catch Goodfellas on tv I have to stop and watch till the end.

  6. Ramsey hill by downtown is nuts. So Ramsey St between Summit and Grand. I always try to bike up it, it’s so huge. I guess I’m not sure what they have for a waking pathway / sidewalk. There’s must be stairs there, right?

  7. Happy fucking birthday bro! You’ve always got us on Daddit!

  8. I’m singing this title to the melody of Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters

  9. This has to be one of the all time best “tambourine + whistling” performances.

  10. Muscular forearms sticking out of rolled sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt.

  11. Why do people always have to put the punchline in the title?

  12. You don’t fuck with uncle Bob when he’s been drinking!

  13. I fully expect this to be garbage just appealing to nostalgia, but I’m definitely going to watch it anyway

  14. It’ll be just awful. Definitely going to see it.

  15. Where the fuck is the electric guitar

  16. Just really happy he’s getting back out there after getting slapped on live tv by will smith.

  17. Came here to say Cecil's and was glad to see that reddit was already on it.

  18. I’ve you guys talked about Cecil’s already? Because I’d say Cecil’s.

  19. It's 200 lightyears in diameter, since the radio signal broadcasts travel from Earth into all directions. The first broadcasts strong enough the break the ionosphere were send out (not specifically to space, but in general) in the 30's. Read

  20. Good point. Also keep in mind that a signal sent out from earth from a point source would expand in all directions as a growing sphere, so the signal strength would fall off as the third power in the very best possible case where you have no signal decay or absorbance in space. So even if it could reach other civilizations, there’s a good chance our technology from 200 years ago wouldn’t make it that far anyway.

  21. Eversharp, in the NE part of Minneapolis, does sharpening for a lot of the commercial places in town and will do knives you bring in. They've done well for me for years.

  22. They also have A TON of games to play, and it’s right next to Can Can Wonderland which is fun for locals but also a great place to take out of towners for a fun and funky outing!

  23. If you are concerned, the police station keeps crime statistics overlaid on a city map. It is on their website (SPPD) somewhere, or if you call the precinct closed to the house they’ll give you the data. It gives a good idea about the relative crime in each neighborhood.

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